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1) Theprobate help Probate Department provide access to economical probate help throughout England and Wales. We are NOT a government department.  

3) Probate Registry Forms are HERE to download or call the Government on 0300 123 1072 Option 1 and leave your request, name address and phone number and

4) Simple Question?  Click the link and ask!

5) If you would like economical help with probate, whether just for an hour or so, or you want us to do everything, we are happy to offer a brief informal plain English free consultation –  with our dual qualified solicitor/ s206 tax barrister if necessary. As the leading expert within our team, her charge out rate was well over £400 an hour in her previous firm nearly a decade ago.   As part of our team, her expertise is available at a fraction of that, where it is needed. – call now for probate help. Please note that advice given in a free 5 minute consultation cannot take into account the full situation and should be taken only as general information to point you in the right direction.

We won’t charge you a bean until you have specifically agreed that you want us to work for you and agreed our fees.  If you wish, you can email your enquiry via the form on the next page. 03 300 102 300. – call now for probate help

As far as costs are concerned, you will find that our flexible low overhead approach will shrink the final bill substantially, and make life less stressful for you.  Not only that, if you do ring with a query, nine times out of ten, you’ll speak to one of our legal team direct, not a secretary. And we don’t insist on doing everything, unless you want us to.

However, we expect the average client to save at least a third of the normal cost – more if they want to help (and we don’t mind that at all).

If you are interested in working with us, there is more information here.

Why not check out our guide on what to do when someone dies?

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