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We hope you find our site useful – if you need economical professional help, please get in touch!  We can find high-powered help for complex estates (still at sensible fees) or even lower fees for normal estates – just give us a call on 03 300 102 300. Best saving to date is 94%.  

LATEST: Download latest Probate Registry procedure and contacts here – it is all change and the Probate Service is in a state of flux at present.

Probate Application Delays:

We can’t help once an application has been submitted. Delays are getting shorter, but we still sometimes hear of people waiting over 3 months. Please don’t chase us – we’re a private company so please read the page on PROBATE REGISTRY DELAYS (latest update September 2021).   

One issue which is affecting a small number of cases is them just being forgotten somehow. One we are aware of was held up for weeks until chased. Why? Because someone at that end thought it was on the wrong form, but didn’t check, just ignored it until the complaints system was invoked by the applicant and it was confirmed to be on the correct form. The lesson is to chase after 8 weeks which is the standard time in which a grant should be issued.

From being on the mend, delays are increasing due to the Covid-19 outbreak. And a reminder to download the latest contact details to avoid wasting time and sending applications to the old addresses. Download latest Probate Registry procedure and contact

But do check the updates page to, as the situation changes daily, and the published information is going to be behind the events.

Be aware that the Registry will ONLY speak to the FIRM applying for probate where solicitors are involved, and chasing solicitors can be very expensive as each call often generates at least three 6 minute units of time, one to take a message, one to do the chase (maybe far more) and one at least to reply. A fair average might be 30 minutes of chargeable time, so if several people are chasing, that can really add up.  Make sure only one family member does the chasing if you possibly can.

Inheritance Tax – Handle with Care!

A freedom of information request by the Daily Telegraph has revealed that HMRC took £274 million from 5,638 inheritance tax (IHT) investigations in the 2019/20 tax year: the highest figure in four years. Experts have told the Telegraph that the increase could be due to the complexities of the current IHT system. Penalties of up to 100% of the tax avoided can be levied on the Estate and or on the Executor PERSONALLY. So maybe a little advice might be prudent.

The Probate Department (brokers) job is to be sure that you do NOT pay through the nose!

One: If you want to DIY, we can point you in the right direction, and perhaps warn you if it is more complex than you think.

Two: straightforward estates if you need professional help, we have tried and tested professionals who charge low fees for straightforward estates. Why pay full rates to a firm that may actually not have the right expertise?

Three – more complex, we have a panel of experienced solicitors and others whom we have recommended in the past and never had a poor report. And they are far from expensive.

Four – Probate Disputes – an initial review to ensure that you have a valid claim or defence and you understand the risks and costs involved.

But maybe it will turn out you don’t need any help just a nudge in the right direction. 

Either way, The Probate Department (brokers) has a special discount voucher plus our Probate and 2 Minute Legal Planning Guide/ Checkup which should help everyone – just ask for them!

We’re happy to have a brief informal chat free or to send you some information to see if you actually need help.  Not everyone does.

(Just in case you are after the Principal Probate Registry at High Holborn, click the link for their contact details. They are a Government Registry, unlike us.)

Some of the issues which may affect whom we would recommend to you are:

  1. If Inheritance Tax may be payable – firms who know how to minimise it now and in the future. Tax has to be paid promptly and accurately with the risk of large penalties.
  2. Similarly, if any of the beneficiaries are already close to having an IHT problem, some extra planning can save 40% tax – often repeatedly.
  3. Trusts in the estate.
  4. Overseas assets and folk not domiciled in the UK.
  5. Are there likely to be arguments or disputes? Family ones are most common, and paying a professional to take the flak can keep the family together.
  6. Would a deed of variation be appropriate?
  7. Where the family doesn’t have the time or admin skills!

Please bear in mind that there are almost infinite combinations of the Law and circumstances. Anything on this site is for general guidance only and should not be relied on upon without detailed advice. – Help with Probate

Call 03 300 102 300 The Probate Department (brokers) Ltd who can connect you to the right professional advice.


 We often get asked about this, which is nothing to do with us, but we hope this helps:

*** ORDER Copy Will or Probate Grant ONLINE *** BY POST please do NOT ring us about this – we cannot help – just click this link and follow the instructions.


The Probate Department

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