How to stop Direct Mail after a death

Stop Direct Mail: Bereavement Register ® How does it work?

The UK Bereavement Registers objective is to stop direct mail addressed to a person who has died. They you add the details of a deceased person to a secure data bank. If you are a client of The Probate Department Ltd, we will notify the The Bereavement Register ® automatically.

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Help with Probate after a death

Direct mail and other companies can and do check their database against that held by The Bereavement Register ®.  If there are matches in the data, the company will remove the deceased’s details and not mail them any more.  This is a legal requirement, so you can be assured it is very effective in cutting out unwanted mail.

Is there a charge for using the Register?

No, it’s free for the bereaved. The companies who do the mailing pay to use the data to update their mailing lists. They want to stop wasting money mail that is unwanted too and they certainly don’t want to upset people.

Will they use the data for any other purpose?

No. It cannot do so by law.

Why does The Bereavement Register need my details as well?

To guarantee the integrity of the information.  Your details will not be used for any other purpose.

How long does the The Bereavement Register ®  take?

It isn’t instant.  Within six weeks, mail will be much reduced and will practically eliminated within six months.  Clearly, not every organisation sending letters is registered with The Bereavement Register ®.  If you still get unsolicited addressed letters after 6 weeks can send it to them at their FREEPOST address so they can chase then up for you.

Can The Bereavement Register ® stop mail to someone who died years ago?

Yes, just complete the registration as normal.

Will The Bereavement Register ® stop phone calls to the deceased?

It will help, as many subscribers to The Bereavement Register ® will also be callers. We suggest you register with the Telephone Preference Service as well by visiting or ringing 0845 070 0707. It is a free service from the Direct Marketing Association.

I would prefer to register someone by post. Is this possible?

Yes, just print The Bereavement Register ® form and post it to them at: The Bereavement Register ®, FREEPOST, Sevenoaks, TN13 1XR.

More Questions about The Bereavement Register ®?

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