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Probate Advice

Probate Advice – get started free.

We’re happy to offer up to 5 minutes Probate Advice free of charge – but your questions may be answered in our Free Probate Advice Guide (just close that page after you have finished with it).

Why not use the site search facility to see if one of the hundreds of questions already answered on the site helps you?

If not, 03 300 102 300 is the number to call, and it is not a premium rated call – if you have bundled calls on your mobile or landline, it should be free.  An extra 15 minutes is available if paid by card in advance.  And you only get the 5 minutes once, sorry!  Or email us a question if you prefer.  Please do remember that we can only give rough guidance without the full facts (and that is not realistic in the time we can offer free).

Please double check your email address – 1 in 3 people input them incorrectly!

If you would like more detailed probate advice, we offer a number of packages services HERE, so professional support can be relatively inexpensive.   Detailed advice will obviously take longer, and clearly we can only advise on the facts given.  Either way, our hourly rate is often half what others charge and we are happy to help as much as we can or as little as you wish.

If you just want to hand over most of the work, our fees are here.

We can take payment by debit or credit card, and the clock doesn’t start ticking until you are through to the adviser.  If you want a document reviewed, or a specific question answered, contact us first for a case reference number and to give your card details, and we will call you back.  Bear in mind that reading and reviewing time will be charged for.

You should allow 7 or 8 minutes a page for simple documents, and more for complex one.   If it takes less time, we’ll add the extra time onto the time available for discussion.  If you wish to have the advice confirmed in writing, composing the letter or email will take significantly longer.

We would love to give free probate advice, but we all have families to feed too: we hope you will understand.

If you do decide to carry on and use our full probate advice service, we’ll credit the first 30 minutes of advice against the final cost of the probate advice.   Our probate advice fees are considered very modest by the profession, but then we have low overheads as we are based in a quiet country office.   We concentrate on providing a good probate advice service rather than earning enough to cover the overheads.  We would charge less, but our families seem to think they should have food and even have the temerity to suggest holidays every few years!

But I digress: we are here to offer probate advice at sensible cost, and to provide as much or as little help as you may require.

Probate advice 03 300 102 300.

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