Before I die (part 3)

Things to do before I die Part 3..

Before I die is a small series of articles intended to help people be better organised and leave behind less hassle for others.  Links to earlier parts are at the foot of the page.

6)  Before I die: Make Registration of your death as Easy as possible.

One of the duties which has to be done when you die is to register your death.   Why not download our guide to What the Registrar needs to know to Register a Death and gather all the necessary information and documents and pop them in a file which is labelled and easy to find. Make sure the family know where is it.  Don’t force them to search the house then have to go through the painful process of ordering copies of documents they can’t find.  It just makes things worse.

Once again, you can add the location of that file to your list of where important documents are.

7) Before I die: Consider purchasing a PROPER funeral plan.

before i die
The earlier, the lower the cost.

Not one of those dreadful life insurance ones, a proper prepaid funeral plan.  But do make sure everyone relevant knows you have it, and is aware of the contact details.  Perhaps add it to your assets list? Do be aware that funeral plans are far from all being the same, and don’t end up buying one which doesn’t actually even intend to pay for the funeral.  It is a complex area, and independent advice is essential (but rare as hens teeth!) (Disclaimer: ownership of the Prepaid Funeral Review is the same as that of The Probate Department Ltd. but it is not regulated by the SRA, as it does not provide legal services.)

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Things to do before I die.