Why use The Probate Department? What we offer

Probate can be an expensive and frustrating process

Use The Probate Department and we promise it will be less expensive and less frustrating! The number? Call us on 03 300 102 300 for information on how we work and our modest fees.  If you prefer to email, there is a form below.    We are very friendly, but we have got a bit fed up with giving thirty or forty solicitors Probate Registry phone numbers every single day!!

Our office is open 9-5 Monday to Friday – if we aren’t able to answer the phone, please leave a message. Enquiries using the form below will often be answered outside of office hours as we can pick them up remotely.

Why use The Probate Department?

We were founded to help people avoid the substantial probate fees levied by banks and some solicitors who quite legally charge “responsibility allowances” on top of their normal hourly rate, which is often twice ours. The responsibility allowance means you can be charged 1,000 times as much for dealing with the exact same bank account if it has £10,000 in it rather than £10.  Some examples of the EXTRA  cost of the “responsibility allowance” might be:

  • 18p extra on the £10 account. So what, you might say.
  • £180 EXTRA on the £10,000 account. Ouch.
  • And a mind-boggling £1,800 EXTRA for the same account with £100,000 in it! That could be more than the fee for dealing with the whole of the estate with us.
  • For an account with £1,000,000, you could be looking at an extra on the bill of £18,000 – a years salary for many people!  And it didn’t necessarily take even 5 minutes longer to deal with it.

We can help you as much or as little as you wish – at a fraction of the cost of most firms, so why not contact us today?

We do NOT charge a Responsibility Allowance

Some other reasons to choose us:

  • Free initial Probate Advice – do you actually need help?  After that, you can book paid help for a minimum of 15 minutes – as much or as little as you need, charged by the minute, not solicitors 6 minute units!
  • Most times you get straight through to the person handling your case.
  • Modest Hourly Rates.  A fraction of those charged by Banks and substantially less than most high street solicitors.
  • No need to take time off work to visit us.
  • No responsibility allowances to unexpectedly triple the bill.
  • We don’t charge for 6 minutes for a 30 second phone call, nor do we charge £45 each for letters produced at the touch of a button.
  • Barrister in house for those trick cases, plus an ex Independent Financial Adviser to speed dealing with investments which many firms don’t understand.
  • Our use of technology saves you money.
  • We welcome you doing part of the work.
  • We’re happy to act in support of family executors.
  • All client money is kept in separate individual trustee client accounts with Barclays Bank, it is never mixed with our money or anyone else’s.
  • We understand Deeds of Variation which may be used to change a Will or Intestacy (no Will) after death if the relevant people agree.  This can save a fortune in second generation tax. Many firms don’t seem to understand them.
  • We understand Trusts and their uses, which can save tax and protect beneficiaries from exploitation.
  • We have a former accountant as an in house consultant.
  • We’re pretty good at resolving family disputes without expensive Court action.
  • Inheritance Tax and Trust Planning is a speciality – we’ve written a book on Inheritance Tax.
  • We offer a substantial discount for advance/ monthly payment of fees.
  • We don’t spend your money on expensive offices when most clients use phones or email – we want to impress you with our efficiency, not our palatial offices.
  • For full service clients, we will dedicate a memorial tree in our Grove to the deceased to help improve the environment.  Family and friends are welcome to join in and plant more.
  • We actually care about the people involved.  Probably the most important reason of all.

Use this form and we’ll contact you!

Probate at sensible fees.

The Probate Department Ltd, Solicitors 2 The Triangle, Willingdon Eastbourne BN20 9PJ and also at 2 Hankham St, Hankham, Pevensey BN24 5BG.

A private limited company registered in England number:  07682081

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The Probate Department

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