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Probate Question: Where To Apply for Probate:

If the deceased lived and died in Norfolk and the relatives are transferring the body to London for cremation, do you apply for the Grant of Representation (no will left) in the area where the death occurred or where the cremation took place?

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UPDATED ANSWER – download these contact details (it is a PDF) as only one place is now available to the public.

Probate Answer:  You can apply to any Registry Office in England and Wales for any of the types of grant.  It doesn’t matter which, though professionals are aware that delays in at some Probate Registries are much longer than at others so it does matter which one you use.  These delays vary from time to time, so we can’t tell you which one would be best!

Bear in mind that you will normally be required to visit the Registry personally (as all acting executors would) so choosing where to apply isn’t just down to speed.   If you use us, we don’t have to go through that process :<) so the time from application to grant is normally much shorter.

Your concern probably comes from the fact that a death must be registered at the local Registrar of Deaths covering the district in which the person died.  Even then, you can register the death elsewhere, but it slows things down as the Registrar you visit then has to send the papers to the relevant Registrar covering the area the person died in.  Then that Registrar actually issues the papers.  This can easily delay the funeral.

I hope that helps answer the question of where to apply for Probate.


Where to apply for probate.