Where is the money?

Where is the money I was supposed to inherit?

An aunt of mine died in January this year, we know she  had quite a lot of money and left a will which she split the money four ways between the family. My brother was looking after all her finances, but when she died he said there was no money left, we have tried to get a copy of the will but it has not been executed. We believe my brother has  either spent the money or transferred it to his own accounts. How can I get to see the will?

Probate answer to where is the money:

If there was no money, there is no need for probate and consequently no formal way to get access to the Will.   But the Will is academic if the money had already been spent.   If the LAst Will was taken to probate, you can get a copy from the Leeds Probate Registry – the relevant form and contact details are here – you need to go about half way down the page top find the Postal Searches Department and the form.

You can ask your brother for an account of his actions, which he has no need to give you, but he may chose to to clear his name.

If he was acting under an Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney you could call the Office of the Public Guardians Abuse line and they may choose to investigate.

Apart from that, you can try the Police, but they are likely to be less than enthusiastic.

Do bear in mind that care fees can be £1,000 a week, and you may be unjustly accusing your brother, and he could sue you for defamation of character if you are wrong (or even if you are not!)

Not a lot of help, I’m afraid!

Good luck!