What Executors Need to Know Indexed

Here I try to answer the questions I am frequently asked by Executors and link through to more detailed answers in the rest of the site.  You can ask questions too, but do bear in mind I can’t give specific advice, not being a registered probate lawyer, but I can pass those on to firms who can help as much or as little as you like, should you need professional help at a sensible cost.

Free Guide to Probate.

Contact us – or ask a question at the foot of the page.

How to choose a funeral director.

No Will – who can apply for letters of administration/ probate?

Is the Will valid?

What is Probate?

Probate Jargon.

DIY probate.

Executors duties      Please bear with me on this page as is two pages combined, and will be fully rewritten when I get a chance.  At the moment, the more detailed duties are further down the page, and the top half is a bit more general.

Video of executors duties by a former colleague.

How to give up as executor – if you are quick enough.

Preplanning and savings limits before probate is insisted on by banks etc.

Claims by dependents that they have not been provided for or inadequately under the 1975 Inheritance (family and dependents) Act as amended.

Property insurance (you will be liable if the property is insecure and uninsured!)

When to DIY or get professional help.

Who is allowed to see the Will? 

We would advise disclosure of the Will to the beneficiaries to avoid suspicion.

Estates with more liabilities than assets – Insolvent Estates.

Some ideas on how to upset beneficiaries!

What to do before death if you get the chance.

What to do after a death.

Probate delays and how to reduce them.

Is Probate needed? It is not always.

How long does probate take?

     But in the real world?

What is a Caveat?

Paying off debts.

General Questions & Answers.

Can an executor act on a verbal wish?

Complex Estates needs updating

Probate Forms to download.

Probate Registry  Contacts (it is all change at the Registry!)

Probate Quotes – you don’t have to do it yourself, and the estate pays.

What you need to know about how solicitors charge.

Care Fees.

Cut probate costs.

Obtaining probate from abroad.

Solicitors etc fees  – needs updating.

Deeds of Variation

Digital estates.  Some thoughts on making a start.

Disagreements between executors. Do executors have to agree on everything?

Uncooperative executors. Don’t become one!

Residence Nil Rate Band.

Transferable Nil Rate Band of IHT (needs update).

Notes on Inheritance Tax and Gifts.

More on Inheritance Tax.

How soon is IHT payable? Sooner than you think!

Inheritance Tax Planning.

Selling property. But you shouldn’t normally sign a contract until probate is granted!

More on selling property.

How much can executors sell the property for? No selling it to a friend below market price please!

How to sell property fast?  Sometimes the beneficiaries would rather have a little less cash sooner rather than a little more later.

Issues over property valuation – don’t get it wrong, or it could come back to bite you.

Protecting yourself as executor against undiscovered debts or liabilities.

No executors named in the Will?

Attendance at interview (rarely relevant these days.)

Help for executors: the Assisted Probate Service.

How to find the Will.

Spanish Probate

Must a solicitor resign as executor if asked?


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