Westminster Probate and Wills

Westminster Probate and Wills SW1.

Westminster Probate and Wills in SW1 can be pretty expensive: after all solicitors in  Westminster have City running costs and you indirectly pay for them (if you chose to).

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We can offer offer a Westminster probate service to you which we consider will be at least as good but at fees rates which might not even would be high enough to cover the charge out rate of a secretary at a Westminster probate firm.

Westminster Probate and Wills and Inheritance Tax.

If your Westminster probate gets technical (and some do) we have a highly experienced Tax & Probate Barrister in house.  We can equally help with advance planning.  Her charge out rate could be equal to that of the senior partner at Westminster Probate solicitor.  But it isn’t even close, for reasons you will shortly discover. Her charge out rate when she worked for major London firms and accounts was over twice the current rate – and she worked for them years ago.   Even better, the Tax and Probate barrister fee rate is only incurred when things get technical, or she is specifically requested to work on something, the rest of the time she is even more of a bargain!  Even if our barrister did absolutely everything including the typing, your bill for Westminster Probate would probably still be somewhere around half of that charged by a Westminster Probate solicitor.  We suggest you ask them their hourly rates, and if they charge any additional fees such as “responsibility allowances” which mean that a £100,000 bank account will cost the same to deal with as a £1 one, but will attract a “bonus” for some greedy solicitors of £1,500 because of the great additional “responsibility.”  Ho hum.

Why can we offer such high value low cost Westminster probate services?

  • We don’t have grand Westminster offices.
  • We don’t drive expensive cars (they would just get muddy here!)
  • All our staff work on probate – most times you can get answers from the person who answers the phone, though sometimes we do have client meetings and our tax and probate barrister needs to “hide” for an hour or so while she goes through something especially complex.   But be assured that none of our staff have the job of keeping clients away from fee earners or avoiding answering their questions! And we do phone people back. Not that we are suggesting Westminster probate solicitors don’t!
  • The biggest saving for you is that our offices are near Eastbourne (BN20 9PJ if you want to Google it) and there is no rent or high overheads for you to pay.  In the spring, we can watch the lambs racing from the office door. However, we have colleagues in London who can collect paperwork etc if you don’t want to use a courier, or where property needs to be secured and locks changed etc.  If the estate is very complicated, our Probate things are very complicated, or you prefer it, then our probate barrister will meet you in Westminster on her London visiting days, to keep the extra cost down so the cost is shared between more than one client.

Give us a call on 03 300 102 300 and or click on our Instruction and Fee Sheet to the right.

These are areas of Westminster we can help with Probate in (and pretty much anywhere else in England and Wales): Maida Vale, Maida Hill, St Johns Wood, Bayswater, Mayfair, Paddington, Marlyebone, Victoria, Charing Cross.

Westminster Probate and Wills.