Trace people

Trace people who are alive. How?

For anyone involved in serious family research for personal or business reasons there is often that hard to trace person who just cannot seem to be found.

Professional probate researcher Tracey Sedgewick was constantly faced with this dilemma when researching intestate cases held with HM Treasury Solicitor and decided to do something about the enigma.

HHA People Trace.

Tracey approached Maurice Clarke of the Heir Hunters Association (HHA) with the idea and together HHA People Trace was formed using a sophisticated bank of databases to cross reference, often sparse information on the subject being sought.

Maurice Clarke of The Heir Hunters Association
Maurice Clarke of The Heir Hunters Association

The new web site was initially launched to the 400 strong HHA membership who are eligible for a special pricing rate and soon HHA members were testing the system with good results.

Now 3 months on from the initial launch the service is being offered to the wider public, both family history researchers and professionals alike on a strict no trace, no fee basis so these is little to lose by not at least giving the system a try.

Searches are often carried out with very vague information such as name and birth year and quarter, although previous address(s) may help with research.

In over 75% of cases the solution to the quest is supplied leaving the client well pleased, turn around is a few days at most and can reveal current address often with home and mobile phone numbers – all obtained from legal sources, with a professional layout of results.

HHA People Trace is not to be confused, as it often is with simple Electoral Register searches; it is far more than that, as many HHA members will attest who regularly use the program.

Potential users can enrol as a member of the site without cost or commitment and use the service as and when needed.

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