Struck off solicitor

Struck off solicitor.

The solicitor who is executor for my mothers Will has been struck off, and his firm no longer exists. Who will be able to act as Executor?

Answer: what to do if  an executor is a struck off solicitor.

If the executor is no longer around, and I guess that being struck off amounts to that, then the residuary beneficiaries will have the right to apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration with Will annexed. The “residuary beneficiaries” are the people who normally receive most of the estate, after any specific gifts.

The non existence of the solicitor and his firm may well need to be evidenced by documentation before the Court will issue the grant. I would think client will need to apply to the Law Society when the need arises.

This all assumes that the your mother is already dead.  If she is alive and in sound mental health, then a simple codicil to the existing Last Will could change the executor.