Will I inherit from my Stepfather?

Step Father – Will I Inherit?

My mum died 5 years ago married to my stepfather who died 3 years ago leaving no will. My stepfather never adopted me in fact my Nan and Granddad (mother’s side) brought me up and I was never adopted by my stepfather. They have 2 children together and my stepsister is winding up the estate. The estate is now ready for sharing and my step sister says it should be split 3 ways. However my half brother says I am not entitled to anything from my stepfather  and the estate should be split 50/50 between them. Can you advise who is right, please.

Rules of Intestacy updated in 2014.

Stepfather – Probate Answer.

Unless there were trust clause in your mothers Will to benefit you, you have no entitlement under the Rules of Intestacy following the death of a man who is not legally a parent i.e. is a stepfather in name only.  Had he adopted you, you would have been entitled to a one third share of your stepfathers estate.

It is possible to claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 that you were dependent on your “stepfather”. From your description it seems that he did not support you, so it is not especially likely that a claim would succeed. That said, a gentle mention of one in the nicest possible way might see your step sister view prevail!

It is absolutely crucial for people with children, ESPECIALLY from different relationships, to have up to date Wills to ensure thing do work as they would wish, and your mother could perfectly easily have protected your interests had she taken good professional advice.

I hope you are better organised!  If not, go HERE.


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