Social Care for Older People: Home Truths and How to Improve Things with Planning

Social Care for Older People: Home Truths.

This whole area is fraught with problems as funding levels drop, and people fail to get sound advice early enough.  Not all the issues can be solved with our legal planning advice, but we do have contacts who may well be able to help with other issues. (Should you be at the sage of needing to sell the home, or it is empty, look here too.)

Social Care for Older People, Home Truths.

Social Care for Older People
Social Care for Older People

The Kings Fund / Nuffield Trust report, dated September 2016 highlights issues those of us who help families facing long term care are well aware of that includes:

  • 26% fewer elderly infirm receive any local authority funded help that 6 years ago.
  • Fees local authorities pay to care homes have either reduced or not kept pace with inflation in most instances.
  • Care and support [a legal requirement under the Care Act 2014] is often dependent upon where a person lives and what financial resources they have, rather than that person’s individual needs.
  • There is insufficient funding for NHS primary or community care, placing more responsibility on local authorities.
  • 90% of care support is provided by over 19,000 organizations in the private or voluntary sector.
  • Local authority spending on care is overall 11% less and 25% fewer people receive state funded care than 6 years ago.
  • In 2009 1.1 million people were receiving local authority funded care. In the year 2013/14 that figure had dropped to 853,615.
  • One local authority was reported as believing the targets on cut backs would mean local authorities needing to breach their responsibilities under the Care Act 2014.
  • Self-funders in care, subsidise local authority funded residents in the same home who receive the same quality of care at lower prices.
  • Local authorities try to maximise top up payments from families to keep local authority costs down.
  • Complaints about adult social to the Local Government Ombudsman are up by 18% from 2003, with 55% of complaints upheld.
  • Complaints about care homes have increased by 29% since 2013 with 67% upheld.

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Social Care for Older People.