Register a death in North Yorkshire

Register a death in North Yorkshire – How, Where, When.

You should register a death in North Yorkshire within 5 days unless the coroner is involved, when the coroner will decide when the death can be registered.

If you are not the next of kin check here to see if you are an appropriate person to register a death in North Yorkshire. If there are any problems with the time frame it is crucial to speak to the registrar at the earliest possible moment.

A death in North Yorkshire can be registered at any register office in England and Wales by “declaration” – however their will be a delay before the paperwork is available to you. This could mean that the funeral has to be postponed by a few days as the registrar you visit will have to send the paperwork as a death in North Yorkshire can only be formally registered by the North Yorkshire registrar, so it has to be sent to them, they register the death and then forward the paperwork to you. Until this arrives, you will be unable to proceed with the funeral as you won’t have the necessary “green form” to give to the undertaker.

Whilst it takes around thirty minutes to register a death in North Yorkshire, you really should take advantage of the Tell us once service, which will save a lot of time later and only take 10 or 15 minutes.

Death certificates are also cheaper at the time you register a death in North Yorkshire, so please order plenty. Our experience is that you always need more than your expect for banks, solicitors, insurance companies, investment houses, building societies, the Land Registry etc etc. Sadly, these people are not good at returning them, and certainly not quickly.

To find out what information you will need to give the registrar to register a death in North Yorkshire, please download our guide to the right.

Outside of office hours there is a limited service for those who have an emergency connected to a ceremony or require a Muslim or Jewish faith burial within 24 hours.  0845 872 5259. The service is currently available 5pm to 10pm during the week and 9 to 5 at weekends.

Register a death at Northallerton registration office.

Address: County Hall Northallerton Hambleton DL7 8XE
Email Tel: 01609 532601 or 2602 Fax: 01609 532096

Register a death at Harrogate Register Office.

County register office Bilton House 31 Park Parade Harrogate North Yorkshire HG1 5AG
Email  Tel: 0845 034 9480 Fax: 01423 502105.

Register a death at Malton Registration office.

Ryedale House Old Malton Road Malton North Yorkshire YO17 7HH
Email Tel: 0845 034 9483  Fax: 01653 696135
Name: Registration services – Leyburn
Address: Thornborough Hall
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom
Email: registrars.northallerton@north…
Tel: 0845 034 9550 Ext: 2601/2602
Fax: 01609 532096
Name: Northallerton registration office
Address: County Hall
United Kingdom
Email: registrars.northallerton@north…
Tel: 01609 532601 or 2602
Fax: 01609 532096

Name: Richmond registration office
Address: 12 Queens Road
North Yorkshire
DL10 4AE
United Kingdom
Email: registrars.richmond@northyorks…
Tel: 0845 034 9485
Fax: 01748 824522

Name: Scarborough registration office
Address: North Cliff House
69 Burniston Road
North Yorkshire
YO12 6PH
United Kingdom
Email: registrars.scarborough@northyo…
Tel: 0845 034 9486
Fax: 01723 350436
Name: Selby registration office
Address: The Annexe
Brook Lodge
Union Lane
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom
Email: registrars.selby@northyorks.go…
Tel: 0845 034 9487
Fax: 01757 705133

Settle registration office
Please note that as of Tuesday 11 September 2012, the registration office at Castle Hill in Settle is closed. See below for details.
We have had to close the office due to structural problems with the building. We are currently looking into alternative suitable accommodation in the town.
In the meantime, please contact Skipton registration office on 0845 034 9488 or e-mail for all immediate enquiries regarding bookings and appointments for Settle.
Name: Skipton registration office
Address: 1 Belle Vue Square
Broughton Road
North Yorkshire
BD23 1FJ
United Kingdom
Email: registrars.skipton@northyorks….
Tel: 0845 034 9488

Name: Whitby registration office
Address: Farndale House
Church Square
YO21 3EG
United Kingdom
Email: registrars.whitby@northyorks.g…
Tel: 0845 034 9489
Fax: 01947 602731

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