Reclaiming tax or paying tax when someone dies

R27 Cost of Probate Falls.

It isn’t a big thing, but anything which reduces the cost of probate helps!

In late 20014, HMRC is cutting out form R27 ‘Reclaiming tax or paying tax when someone dies’, as well as settles the tax affairs of a Self Assessment customer in-year instead of at the end of the tax year, giving the bereaved customer certainty more quickly.

In 95% of cases, HMRC should successfully deal with the agent (whether it will be us or another law firm) which is nineteen times higher than at present. They will also spend less time dealing with complaints and questions about compelting the R27 forms.

Some information will be required, especially for self assessed people, but at least the HMRC won’t so often be asking for information they already hold on their computers.
Removing this form means customers will get their tax affairs sorted quickly and they and their agents will need to contact HMRC less. It will also result in real cost reductions for the customer and enable HMRC to move staff to other high priority work as they will no longer need form R27.