Probate Scam

Just in case you get a Probate Scam email, we’ve highlighted the obvious scam elements!  Needless to say, the Principal Probate Registry would not email someone out of the blue! Here’s the probate scam email:

Probate Registry Department,
Justice Ministry,

Principal Registry of the Family Division Probate Department
First Avenue House
42-49, High Holborn
London WC1V 6NP

Our Ref: 5464K2/71 Date: 5th June, 2012

Request Application For probate Order of Late Rolf Hoffmann’s Inheritance.


I am very disappointed at your statement because I least expected such from you owing to the fact that you are a learned person and for you to stooped so low to have reasoned a one way agenda without trying to find out if it wasn’t our publications that you saw so as to let people know that some persons are trying to scam people out of their hard earned money claiming to be the office of the probate.

Thank you for your findings and bringing the results to my knowledge. As a learned fellow that I consider you to be, I expect you to know that in an inheritance proceeds involving the need to obtaining a probate order, the Court or Chancery Division of that jurisdiction where the deceased lived, makes it necessary to make the probate order application public through announcement. This only indcates that the probate order applicant is the true and legitimate heir to the said inheritance. In this case, your probate order application though not completed has been made public.

Have a nice day and say me well to your famliy.


Mike Bradbury

Probate Officer

Tel: +44 702 401 4967
+44 702 407 8945

Fax:+44 700 390 0117

Probate Registry

DX 941

London/Chancery Lane


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