Probate Questions: how to find out if there is an Inheritance

Probate Questions

My probate question: my cousins ex-husband died last year and left a 17 year old son. Some time after their divorce he moved to UK and He starting working for Engineers company on till his untimely death in 2010. Is the Son entitled to get any benefit after his fathers death? If yes who we should contact in UK? His ex-wife and Son live in Poland, only Son visit his fother few times a year… is there anything we can do?

Probate Answer

If he left a Will, then his assets should have been distributed under the terms of that Will.
If not, they should have been distributed under the Rules of Intestacy – copy attached.
If his assets were relatively modest, and did not include a home, then Probate may not have been required, so there is no straightforward way of finding out what happened, apart from contacting the people who dealt with the death, funeral etc..  If you know who his bank was, they may be able to shed some light on what has happened.
Unless he has remarried, then his parents – if alive – or his soon would expect to have benefitted.
One other possible source of information is the Treasury Solicitor who looks after the estate of people who don’t have any obvious heirs.  That is at
The Local Branch of the Law Society might circulate their members to see if any of them are dealing with the estate.
If that fails, then you could pay a firm like Title Research to try to find out what happened.  They are at
I do hope that helps!

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