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Probate Question: A friend’s mother has died, he was her sole carer since her husband, his father, died a year ago, and he had lived in the house since childhood with his parents. As the house they lived in was in the husband’s name and all matters were still under probate the mother had yet to write a will. She unfortunately died last month and his siblings are saying he has to leave the house so they can get their share, they do not live in the house. (Click for our general page on Contentious Probate.)

Probate Question Answer:

He needs to consult a good contentious probate lawyer, and quickly.

He may have rights under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act or even on the basis that he contributed to the household to his own detriment in the expectation of reward.

It is known as the Doctrine of Estoppel

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