Probate question – Am I entitled to a share?

Probate question – Am I entitled to a share?

Dear Sir,

My mother’s mom Owns a property in Manchester, it was bought by my mother’s father and after his death it was transferred to my mother’s mom.

My mother has two sisters in Pakistan and three brothers in Manchester. Two brothers are living separate and one brother is living in that property.

I want to ask that I am also eligible to take share from this property on behalf of my mother as my mother has also passed away.

if yes then can you help me how?

How can I check status of this property in legals record?

Will my uncle need MY SIGNATURES ( Will my signatures be compulsory) for transferring or selling this property to his name?

If this is possible then will it be easy for me to get my entitlement.

I am afraid that my uncle will snatch my all entitlement or share.  Please advise and help me in this?
Probate Answer

If the property was held in her sole name, her Last Will and Testament will decide where it goes.

That is the most likely option.

If it was in joint names, there are two options:

1) The part of the property she owns will pass by her Will. Or – more likely (if ownership is joint)

2) the whole property will pass automatically to the surviving owner.

You need the title deeds which you can obtain for a few pounds at:

If only her name appears on the deeds, then the house passes firstly under her Last Will, or if there isn’t one, then it passes on under the Rules of Intestacy:

I hope that helps, after you have checked that, we can act for you but would have to charge at our usual fairly modest rates.

If you have a Probate Question, we try to answer as many as we have time for: any published on the site have been changed beyond recognition



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ease advice and help me in this?