Obtaining Probate from Overseas

Obtaining Probate from Overseas.

Obtaining probate from abroad for assets held in England or Wales is usually tolerably straightforward, though more complex than normal probate.  Real problems do arise when those involved are based in North America as UK Probate Insurance companies charge ludicrous premiums for covering anyone based or from there – but ours doesn’t!

Discovered – a really useful service to save executors time, aggravation and probably money. 

Obtaining probate from overseas is Pedro’s problem.

“My uncle died in 2010. He got a few assets in London. But no will.
I need to apply for Letters of Administration.
I have a British passport, but I am living on Gran Canaria.
My question is: would it be possible to go the interview to swear the oath at the British Embassy in Gran Canaria?”


Obtaining Probate from Overseas need not be too hard

I have just confirmed with the official Probate Registry (in case you missed the massive disclaimed, we are a private probate company!) that they can send you the necessary papers and you can swear the oath in front of a notary or at the British Embassy.  This is a link to the embassy for obtaining probate from overseas, in this case the British Embassy in Gran Canaria.  Local Embassies can usually point you in the right direction.

In your case you wish to obtain probate from overseas via the Brighton Probate Registry, I assume as the death or the property is in that area.  Any probate registry can deal with probate applications from overseas.  If the person died in the UK, it is better to contact the Probate Registry covering they are they died in.  All Probate Registries in England and Wales are listed under “Registries” on the menu above.   Just follow the drop-down menu and look for the nearest point of contact.   If you contact the wrong one it is not an issue, they will either help or give you the correct contact details.  But don’t send anything back until you have been in touch as sending it to the wrong Probate Registry could cause a modest delay.

If it gets too much come back to us and we’ll find someone to help out (for a fee!)

If you have any questions on obtaining probate from overseas which are of general interest, use our contact page to ask them.   We cannot answer detailed questions free, only ones of general interest.