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– especially if you want low cost help with Probate. If you would like to consider sorting out probate yourself rather than handing it over to the professional lock stock and barrel, check out the FREE Probate Guide what to do when someone dies.  Around 70% of people hand control over to solicitors and banks, and it is possible to save £thousands (or more) if you understand the process and just ask for help when you need it.   At the Probate Department, we offer everything from helping hand services to a full service – but the family executors remain in charge at all times. Why pay a solicitor £250 an hour or a bank much more to carry out simple jobs that the family can easily do and increase their inheritances?   That said, if the bank or solicitor is appointed in the Will, they are in sole charge (effectively, even if they are appointed jointly with family members.)  In these circumstances, it may be impossible to get the professionals to stand down, and some may charge massive fees to do so.

If you are looking for the Government Probate Registry contact details rather than ours, we have listed the contact details HERE. Just to be clear, The Probate Department is a private company which provides Legal Planning and Probate Services at very reasonable rates throughout England and Wales.  We are happy to provide an hour or two’s help or take over the whole job, or anything in between. We are happy to answer general questions if they would be of interest to other folk, but we don’t provide a free advice service I am afraid!  Plus VAT as appropriate and anything we pay out on your behalf. Initial enquiries to 03 300 102 300 or use the contact form below.

  The Probate Department Ltd 2 The Triangle Willingdon Eastbourne BN20 9PJ.

A private limited company registered in England number:  07682081.

NOT a government department!

The Probate Department

offers services throughout England and Wales with local contacts in most areas.

The Probate Department for low cost Probate.