Probate Delays – which Registry Office to Use?

Not everyone realises that you can decide which Probate Registry Office you wish to use, it need not be the nearest one.  That means that if the local office has long delays, you may be better off using one further away which is faster – as long as you don’t mind the travelling if you are acting yourself.

In our own work we have discovered that there can be considerable but very variable delays in obtaining an interview, and nothing is finalised until that has taken place.  The executors can do nothing until the Grant of Probate is issued, normally a few days after the interview.

Probate Delays

The Principal Probate Registry in London is apparently short of staff and it can take the best part of 3 months to get an interview there.

Brighton and Oxford are a lot better – at around a month, but it is important to check before sending an application off.

You do NOT have to apply to the Probate Registry Office nearest you (as long as you don’t mind travelling for the interview!)


Please do update us as to the delay times when you apply – use the contact form below:

Probate delays


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