Probate Court Fees – How Much Are Court Fees? 2022

Probate Court Fees: Current Rates

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Probate Court fee in all cases where the net estate is over £5,000 (ie the amount remaining in the deceased’s sole name after funeral expenses and debts owing have been taken off)  (see example 1 below).

Court fee £273.

Note: Joint assets passing automatically to the surviving joint owner should not be included when calculating the fee.

But are you sure you are doing the right thing?

If the net estate as above is under £5,000 (see example 2 below) then

Court fee: NO FEE.


Application for a second grant in an estate where a previous grant has been issued.

Court fee: £20.


Additional Copies.

Official (sealed) copies of the Grant of Representation if ordered when you lodge your application for a Grant of Representation.

Court fee: £1.50p per copy.

Note: You should decide how many copies you will need and add the cost to your application fee – this will give you the total amount payable. See examples below. It can save you a lot of time when collecting in the deceased’s assets if you have a few extra copies of the grant to produce to the organisations holding the assets.

‘Sealed and certified copy’ – if assets are held abroad you may need one or more of these. Please check with the appropriate organisations before ordering.

Court fee: £1.50 per copy (including Will and Grant).

Additional copies (consisting of grant including a copy of the Will, if applicable) ordered after the Grant of Representation has been issued

Court fee: £10 for first copy then £1.50 per additional copy.

You should state the number and type of copies you need on the checklist on page 4 of the PA1 (application form). Please print the name of the deceased person on the back of the cheque. Please ensure you order sufficient copies for your needs, when you send in your application.

Please note: appropriate post must be paid. Standard rate postage may not be sufficient. If your forms weigh over 60g they may need to be weighed at your local Post Office.

Probate Court Fee Refunds/Remissions.

If you consider that you would suffer financial hardship if you pay a court fee you can apply for remission (or if you have already paid a fee a refund of that fee or part thereof). If you wish to make such an application you should ask a member of the Registry staff to supply you with form EX160 (including form EX160A). Your application will not processed until the fee is paid (or an application for refund/remission has been successful).

Example 1 of Probate Court fees.

Net estate of £75,000.

4 copies of grant at £1.50 each + Fee £273

Total Probate Registry Fee £279

Example 2 of Probate Court fees:

Net estate of £2,000.

1 copy of grant at £1.50 each = Court Fee Nil = Fee £1.50.

Total Probate Registry Fee £1.50.

With fees constantly under review, you should always check the fees are correct at that time. Just ring your local Probate Court Office and they will advise you.

The Ministry of Justice attempts to justify the increase by saying that in many instances the fees will be met from the estate of the deceased, while fee discounts are available for some who are unable to afford fees.