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Central London Probate and Wills in EC, WC & E1 can be more than a trifle costly. You may decide that you don’t need to pay the overheads of City solicitors. They have Central London running costs and you can pay for them if you wish to. Our London probate broking service offers you a service we think you will find just as good (if not better than City solicitors) but at hourly rates which wouldn’t even cover the charge out rate of a temporary secretary at a City of London probate solicitors.

To register a death in the City of London

The cost of City Probate would almost certainly no more than around two thirds of the total bill from a London Probate solicitor. Probably much less than that. If you are looking at using a local solicitor (or worse, a bank) why not ask for full details of their hourly charge out rates.

Be sure to find out if they charge a “responsibility allowance.” This can mean a £1,000,000 bank account will take the same amount of time to collect in as a £1 one, but may give the solicitor a welcome “bonus” of £15,000 if they are one of the firms taking full advantage of the ability to levy this charge. To be fair, some solicitors just charge for the time taken and don’t take this payment.

So how can we offer low cost City of London probate broking services?

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These are areas of City of London we can help in (and pretty much anywhere else in England and Wales): Aldergate, Aldgate, Bassishaw, Billingsgate and Bishopsgate. Also probate in Bread Street, Bridge, Broad Street, Candlewick and Castle Baynard as well as Cheap, Coleman Street, Cordwainer and Cornhill. Not to mention Cripplegate, Dowgate, Farringdon Within and Farringdon Without plus Langbourn, Lime Street, Portsoken, Queenhithe, Tower, Vintry and Walbrook.

How to find a Will – Lost or Mislaid?

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