Probate a Will

How to Probate A Will

To Probate A Will, the executors of that Last Will need to go through the process of gathering all the information about the assets and liabilities of the person whose Will needs a grant of probate.  Once they have all that information, and have settled any Inheritance Tax Liabilities with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, the executors can apply to probate a Will though a Probate Registry. A grant of probate is an official document which the executors may need to administer the estate. It is issued by a section of the court known as the probate registry.

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Once the Probate Registry is satisfied that the forms have been completed correctly, that the Last Will presented for Probate is properly constructed and signed, and the relevant fee has been paid, they will normally call in the executors seeking to probate the Will to swear an oath that the forms are a true and correct reflection of the deceased’s’ estate.

Executors who seek to probate a Will without full and detailed care and attention and who lie about this under oath are liable to find themselves in very expensive and very hot water!

But it is not always necessary to probate a Will, as many estates pass automatically under the survivorship rules where assets are owned jointly, and other estates are sufficiently small that banks etc may not require that the Will be probated.  We have a leaflet on that too. Do I need to probate a Will?

Many people do find they are flummoxed by the paper work surrounding probate of a Will, and hand the job over lock stock and barrel to a solicitor or bank.  Generally speaking, we offer a much lower cost alternative way to probate a Will, so do get in touch with us before you commit to any other professional dealing with the probate of a Will.  Unlike many, we are quite happy for you to do some or all of the legwork yourself, and we even offer an assisted route to probate a Will through DIY Probate – see the link to the right.

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