How to Find a Funeral Plan

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How do I find a lost funeral insurance?

Finding a lost funeral plan after death is not straightforward. Much better to get the ducks in a row earlier, as actions you take after death just could invalidate an otherwise perfectly good one. But if you are looking at this, it is could be too late.   

Instructing an undertaker yourself could invalidate plan benefits, so earlier is MUCH better to find a funeral plan and ensure everything is up to date. Typically, the aged parent has said that they have a plan, but no one has pinned them down as to what it was – or they just can’t remember. So where to find a funeral plan, if there is one? It could be a few thousand pounds dow

Here is what to do to find details of that elusive lost funeral plan, ideally in advance:

  1. If you have immediate access,  check through the paperwork for a funeral plan (or more likely for older people, an insurance policy).
  2. If immediately available, check bank statements for payments to funeral plan companies or insurance companies. For funeral plans, payment may have been in one go, many years ago.   For insurance policies, the older type pre-regulation policies may have been made paid up with a value, so payments could have stopped decades ago.   For the awful post-regulation policies often with no cash value, a policy may well be valueless if it is a non-profit whole of life, as a few missed payments mean everything is lost.  But still worth asking.
  3. To find a funeral plan, the only central point to check is the Funeral Planning Authority, though it is doubtful they will survive when the FCA take over. However, you could cross-check against their members and the list of companies. They are the main port of call to find funerals which are “prepaid” – but they could still have been paid in instalments.
  4. Also at the same time, check for lost insurance policies (etc) on the Unclaimed Assets Register or ring 0333 000 0182 – you may even turn up some other assets! The biggest seller of Over 50’s Plans is Axa Sun Life on  0800 008 6060 though there are dozens of others as over 500,000 a year take out these awful insurances (why, we do not know.) They will trace it if it is an insurance one.

How to avoid having to find a Funeral Plan:

    • Make sure your family knows about your plan, whether it be a proper prepaid plan or a life insurance policy, and how to claim on it as doing the wrong thing may invalidate it.
    • Ensure both you and your family fully understand what is paid for and what is not covered.  We never cease to be amazed by the number of people buying plans over the phone without seeing the full terms and conditions.
    • Always have the paperwork with other important documents in a designated folder that the family can find easily.
    • Never pay for a funeral plan in cash as there is less of a record of payment.
    • When moving house, tell your funeral plan provider. The cost may vary in the new area with some plans.
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