How to Find a Funeral Plan UK now the Funeral Planning Authority has closed

find lost funeral plan
How do I find a lost funeral plan?

As the Funeral Planning Authority has closed, this is a search facility for all FCA Registered Funeral Plan Providers. Otherwise, finding a mislaid funeral plan after death is not straightforward. Much better to get the ducks in a row earlier, as actions you take after death just could invalidate an otherwise perfectly good plan. But if you are looking at this, it is could be too late.   There will inevitably be a period of chaos between now and the end of October 2022 while companies which no longer authorised transfer their plans to regulated companies. The form to see if there is a funeral plan in existence is at the foot of the page.

Instructing an undertaker yourself could invalidate plan benefits, so earlier is MUCH better to find a prepaid funeral plan and ensure everything is up to date. Typically, the aged parent has said that they have a plan, but no one has pinned them down as to what it was – or they just can’t remember. So where to find a funeral plan, if there is one? It could be a few thousand pounds down the drain, so ideally check long before death as part of the organisation process.

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Here is what to do to find details of that elusive lost funeral plan, ideally in advance:

  1. If you have immediate access,  check through the paperwork for a funeral plan (or more likely for older people, an insurance policy).
  2. If immediately available, check bank statements for payments to funeral plan companies or insurance companies. For funeral plans, payment may have been in one go, many years ago.   For insurance policies, the older type pre-regulation policies may have been made paid up with a value, so payments could have stopped decades ago.   For the awful post-regulation policies often with no cash value, a policy may well be valueless if it is a non-profit whole of life, as a few missed payments mean everything is lost.  But still worth asking.
  3. To find a funeral plan, the only central point to check most companies WAS the now defunct Funeral Planning Authority, which has not survived the FCA take over at the end of July 2022.  So we set up our own search facility (below) which covers all companies currently authorised by the FCA – which means that some are missing, but will hopefully be taken over by some of the larger firms before November 2020.  The current FCA list is here, with notes on some of the non-authorised companies which you could find useful.
  4. Also at the same time, check for lost insurance policies (etc) on the Unclaimed Assets Register or ring 0333 000 0182 – you may even turn up some other assets! The biggest seller of Over 50’s Plans is Axa Sun Life on  0800 008 6060 though there are dozens of others as over 500,000 a year take out these awful insurances (why, we do not know.) They will trace it if it is an insurance one.  For a more thorough and more general search for assets in general, try this asset search facility.

How to avoid having to find a Funeral Plan:

    • Make sure your family knows about your plan, whether it be a proper prepaid plan or a life insurance policy, and how to claim on it as doing the wrong thing may invalidate it.
    • Ensure both you and your family fully understand what is paid for and what is not covered.  We never cease to be amazed by the number of people buying plans over the phone without seeing the full terms and conditions.
    • Always have the paperwork with other important documents in a designated folder that the family can find easily.
    • Never pay for a funeral plan in cash as there is less of a record of payment.
    • When moving house, tell your funeral plan provider. The cost may vary in the new area with some plans.

Use this form to contact all the FCA authorised companies about a lost funeral plan:


Finding a Funeral Plan which is lost. Is there a funeral plan at all?

find a lost funeral plan
Is there a Funeral Plan?

Finding a funeral plan after a death is not always simple, especially now the Funeral Planning Authority search facility is closed – but we have a lost funeral plan search facility below, which should contact all REGISTERED funeral plan providers.  Sadly, the FCA has cut the number of companies from 65 to 23, but all those who have not succeeded in registering must transfer their plans to the regulated companies by 31st October 2020.   Often, everyone knows there is one, but no one knows where the paperwork is. In many cases, the lost funeral plan will actually be an insurance policy rather than a proper prepaid funeral.   Prepaid funeral plans were only introduced in the UK in 1985.   So there is a fair chance that it was an insurance policy with an older person. To this day, far more Over 50’s insurance policies are sold than proper prepaid funeral plans. (Back to what to do after a death.))

Lost: How to go about Finding a Funeral Policy / Over 50s Plan as opposed to a proper funeral plan.

The biggest seller of Over 50’s Plans is Axa Sun Life on  0800 008 6060 though there are dozens of others. The Unclaimed Assets Register is probably the next stop.

If you have the policy document or can find the company through a direct debit on the deceased persons’ bank account, it should be fairly easy – though the direct debit may turn out to be for something else of course.   If the name doesn’t seem to fit with any insurance company you can find, then go to the Policy Detective website and type in the name of the company as it appears on your policy document. If the company has changed its name Policy Detective will tell you what name the company is now trading under. Then you can contact them. Literally hundreds of old insurance companies now have new names and owners with the massive consolidation driven by Regulation, so just because you can’t find the name online, don’t give up.

Sadly, you may find that the policy is no longer in force, particularly if it is one of the newer non-profit whole of life policies created in an attempt to reduce regulation.   The problem with them is that they have no cash value at any time, so everything is lost if payments are stopped, and that is very common when people are old and poorly.

Finding a Prepaid plan.

At the moment, we can find no central register of prepaid plans, so we have done our best to ensure you can find one if it exists.  Many providers are former members of the funeral planning authority and we have tried to list their phone numbers below.  Dignity (which also runs Age UK plans) are one of the biggest providers, along with Coop, Golden Charter and recently Safe Hands. All the remaining regulated plans should be contactable in one go through the form below.

A more comprehensive list of providers appears below, but many of these are sadly not going to remain in business  You will need to Google the contact details, as the Prepaid Funeral Review was unable to remain in business due to the cost of regulation, so we are not sure if any independent advisers remain.

Finally, we are here to help if you need professional help with probate.  If you would like help, or just a free Probate guide, go here.   Any costs would normally be recovered from the estate.

Finding a lost Funeral Plan.


Funeral Planning Authority
Lost funeral plan

If you have an existing plan, you need to contact the Funeral Plan Company Direct for any assistance unless they have provided you with a specific funeral director to contact.   If you are trying to track down a plan, use the form above, as the Funeral Planning Authority service is closed.  It is also important to notify them immediately should you move.

The page on claiming on a prepaid plan is crucial reading unless you are about to contact the correct firm before arranging anything at all.

Age UK 0800 731 0651

Avalon 0800 014 9112 Regulated

Capital Life 0800 411 8683 NOT REGULATED

Celebration of Life Planning Regulated

Choice Plans 01803 298 243 Regulated

Chosen Heritage – Dignity Regulated

Central England Cooperative Regulated

Co-op Southern Coop 0800 088 4883 0808 239 1704  Regulated

Crystal Cremations  Regulated

Dignity Plans 0800 484 0516 Regulated

Distinct Plans  Regulated.

Ecclesiastical 0800 055 6503 Regulated

Empathy 0800 612 8989

Eternal Peace Plans 0330 311 2570

Family Funeral Trust Regulated

Freeman Brothers   Regulated

Funeral Planning Services 01508 218100 regulated.

Go As You Please 01670 730303

Golden Charter 0800 111 4514.  Regulated

Golden Leaves 0800 854448 Regulated

Haven Personal Plans  Regulated

Independent Funeral Planning Services (IFPS & The IFPS) Regulated

Independent Family Funeral Directors Ltd (including Fosters Family Funeral Directors) Regulated.

Iberian Death 900 104351 or 0161 285 0860

Liberty 0800 413046

M & F Funeral Services Ltd Regulated

Memoria / Low Cost / Affordable Plans 0800 8620158 Regulated

Open 0330 660 0072 Regulated

Peace Burials / Peace Funerals Regulated.

Perfect Choice 0800 055 6503

Plan With Grace Regulated.

Post Office (old plans – no longer selling)  0800 033 4301

Pride Planning 0800 014 9650

Prosperous Life 0800 046 5903

PS Cremations – not known

Pure Cremation 0800 033 7737 Regulated

Rest Assured 08000 654 514

Safe Hands 0800 917 7099 (old plans, no longer selling pending closure)

Saga 0800 092 3700

Silver Clouds 0345 222 0271

Sun Life 0800 121 6677. See link for details of how to claim on plans sold through Sun Life.

William Alty & Sons Ltd Regulated.

Find a funeral plan: this is our attempt at replacing the funeral planning authority find a funeral plan service.



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