Pay for a Funeral

How to Pay For A Funeral.

How to pay for a funeral is a question we often get asked.   In many countries the vast majority of the population have dealt with the issue in their lifetimes by arranging a prepaid funeral plan, but these (whilst common) are not yet usual in the UK. Here are some possible ways to pay for a funeral.

  1. In an ideal world there will be a prepaid Funeral Plan in place to pay for a funeral.                                          At the moment there is no national register of these, so you should ask older relatives if they do have one, otherwise the plan details may not be discovered until after the funeral has been paid for.   Check this site out for more information on how to pay for a funeral in advance with prepaid funerals plans.  You can even pay in instalments.
  2. Some folk buy a life insurance policy as a way to pay for a funeral – typically, look out for monthly payments to Axa Sun Life, though other insurance companies offer similar plans.  These are mostly only going to pay out a sum intended to pay the cost of a funeral at the time they were taken out, though some do increase over the years.  Perhaps second best to a prepaid funeral plan.  In many cases these plans can’t be accessed quickly as they haven’t been fully advised.
  3. The Bank might pay for the funeral!  Sounds unlikely, I know, but if the deceased had sufficient money in a current or deposit account to pay fro a funeral, most banks will pay a certified bill submitted direct to them by the undertaker.  At least the basics – don’t expect them to pay for a banquet after the event though.   The next of kin should contact the bank in advance, with a death certificate, to agree this.  It cannot be relied on 100%, and if the bank is owed money by the deceased, even if there is money in one account, they may well refuse to pay for a funeral.
  4. I can’t pay for a funeral! Will the Social Fund Pay for a Funeral? If you’re on a low income and need help to pay for a funeral you’re arranging, you may be able to get a grant or loan to pay for a funeral from the Social Fund. You might have to repay some or all of it from the estate of the person who died. Find out more information including how to claim.
  5. Undertakers will be keen to get paid!  But they are used to waiting a while, and may accept a modest deposit rather than lose the business.

We find it hard to believe that people don’t grasp the nettle and get things organised in advance.  The amount if bad feeling it causes is immeasurable, as every family member sees to have a view of how the funeral should be conducted. And all those views are different.  Add in the grief and pressure, and an explosion which may blow a family apart for ever will commonly ensue!


Pay for a funeral – and organise it – in ADVANCE!

Don’t use the credit card to pay for a funeral!


Pay for a funeral.