New Online Wills service

New Online Wills service launched by Hunter Hunters Association (HHA)

An innovative web based service UK Wills Org UK has been launched to help and encourage people to make a Will to ensure their wishes are carried out after their passing.

The rapidly expanding HHA, representing over 400 researchers of unclaimed estates left by people who died without a will (intestate) and missing assets has spearheaded and sponsored the new service.

The key element of the new Will service is for clients to join the web site and register a Will, uploading a copy, plus other documents such as advance directives, video will, codicil(s) and certificates of deposit or storage location of the actual Will document duly signed, dated and witnessed.

Will registration includes details of specified executors – a Will file can be edited during a 30 day period following registration, then the file is locked and archived. Next of kin, and executors of a deceased persons estate can search for a Will registered with UK Wills Org UK which may help their enquires for complex estates, or disputes. On production of suitable proof copies by legal representatives or next of kin copies of the registered file(s) can be released.

The service provides a comprehensive range of advice about the different methods of making a Will, each option being looked at in a detailed way. Aimed at being unbiased and independent in its wide and comprehensive range of information and advice it is believe to be the only web site of its type.

Existing Wills can, and should be registered with the service, by not only the Will maker, but direct next of kin, their partners, or their solicitor. A unique “Will Watch” service can be set up by registered clients to monitor future registrations of a Will by a specific person, ideal for remote kin of aging parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts. Will Watch reports any new Will registered for the followed person, but again does not permit any access to data, only the fact a Will has been registered. The full Will writing history logged can be reported on by running an existing Will Watch.


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