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Probate and IHT (Inheritance Tax) a big issue in London unless…

Inheritance Tax is a Big Problem in London.

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House price in many parts of London mean that an Inheritance Tax bill is almost inevitable.  So it is especially important that both the Estate Planning and Probate are carried out by professionals who understand IHT and can both plan to cut the bill before and after a death. Advance planning helps no end, so contact us for advice before the death if possible. The earlier you start planning for IHT, the lower the cost and the greater the tax saving.

London Probate IHT: Inheritance Tax and Probate on Death.

IHT (“often called “death tax”) makes the process of obtaining a grant of probate from the Principal Probate Registry more complicated and risky for the executors.  At The Probate Department Ltd, we are almost uniquely able to help take away the complexity and worry from you.

Why? We have an in-house Tax Barrister and the author of a book on Inheritance Tax. So we are not only experienced at working through the process of probate in London, we will always be looking at saving Inheritance Tax too.   And we don’t just mean immediate savings.  We can look at saving Inheritance Tax for beneficiaries and their children and grandchildren too. along the way and help the beneficiaries with their own Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning (if they wish.)

And having us as independent executors takes the strain off family relationships which often suffer after a death.  It is mostly misunderstandings, but better if we take the blame than you!

IHT and Probate in London: how can we help you? 03 300 102 300

Any possible liability to Inheritance Tax means executors risk personal fines for they get it wrong – and they will almost certainly miss opportunities to save Inheritance Tax which we would spot.  See the IHT penalties on the HMRC site.  If possible, advance planning can make substantial savings, so contact us for estate and inheritance tax planning.  If your estate planning has not been properly reviewed in  the last couple of years, at least ask us to email you a copy of our 2 Minute Guide to Estate Planning.

Inheritance Tax Must Be Paid BEFORE Probate is granted…

You have to be quick with estate administration and IHT returns (or risk fines) but you must also be accurate. IHT needs to be settled before you can gain probate and so get hold of all the estates assets!

Not understanding investments, or lifetime gifts (up to 14 years ago) or gifts with “reservation of benefit” is no excuse.  Problems often arise from people doing DIY Inheritance Tax Planning.  Our expert staff look after your interests and those of the beneficiaries and try to reduce the tax burden now and in the future.

Do people really don’t wish to make the Taxman the biggest beneficiary – they just fail to contact us in time to do any advance planning.

Our Tax Barrister loves saving inheritance tax.

Our job is to use Tax Law to your advantage.  We won’t bend or break rules, but we will try our best to increase your inheritance.  The Inheritance Tax planning opportunities are not fully understood by many probate experts: our situation is pretty unusual.  How many London Probate firms have a Tax Barrister in house?

Inheritance Tax Barrister – sounds expensive?

No – we keep our overheads way down, so you could end up paying more for help from legal professionals whose experience is just in paying (rather than saving) Inheritance Tax.  Not only will you normally pay less to us, you should pay less to the Taxman as well. And you will only be charged (our modest) tax barrister rates for the time needed to deal with that area:  the rest of the time, competent probate staff will look after your work.  London Probate solicitors may well charge more per hour for junior staff that we (out in the sticks)

Contact us on our IHT Probate helpline for a brief free initial discussion on 03 300 102 300.  To keep costs down for paying clients the free chat will be brief.   However, you will benefit from the savings when we are working for you!

There is much to be done to reduce inheritance tax during and sometimes after the probate process is completed.  Our tax barrister keep a watching brief on your case with a view to reducing the IHT bill as much as possible.

Do I need Inheritance Tax Advice?

IHT expertise is needed:

  • If the estate contains a trust.
  • The deceased lived in a home they sold or gave away.
  • Where the estate is over £280,000 the Taxman may look at it more closely.
  • If gifts over the tax free allowances have been made in the previous 7 years and sometimes 14 years.
  • If Inheritance Tax saving investments are owned.
  • Where there are any foreign assets.
  • Where the person is not considered by law not to have the UK as their permanent home.

Give us a ring on our Probate and Inheritance Tax Helpline 03 300 102 300 or (if it is out of office hours) use our Contact Form below.

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