Who Will Inherit The House

Who will inherit the house?

Probate Question:
My mum died 2003 and my granddad died in December 2011 and his wife 2001. My aunt is trying to sell my granddads house by my mums name is on the deed to the house as well as my granddad does that me as her daughter i am entitled to her share of the money made from the house even though she is dead? 
Probate Answer
It depends how the house was owned.
There are two types of joint ownership:
1) One where both own all the property and the whole property automatically goes to the survivor.
2) The other where both own a SHARE of the property (usually 50%) and that share can be left in a Will or inherited by children etc under the Rules of Intestacy.
Under a) there would be nothing available to you except if you grandfathers Will provided for you.
Under b) your mothers share would have passed under her Will or under the Rules of Intestacy (attached) and you may well get a share.
You can check yourself at www.LandRegistry.gov.uk but the results will need interpretation.
If you would like us to do it for you, we would charge £30, and you would just need to call us with the full name and address and a card to pay the fee.
Why not ask your aunt what is happening?