Independent Funeral Directors Free Directory

Independent Funeral Directors Free Directory.

INDEPENDENT funeral directors in England or Wales – is that you?  Would you like details of your services and the area you cover listed on our site which gets more visitors every day than most independent funeral directors sites do in a year?  Search for probate or register a death in your area, and we’ll normally be on the first page, often beating official sites.   Imagine some of that clout being directed at your site.

Independent Funeral Directors Free Directory

We believe in supporting independent funeral directors, so please get in touch today.

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We can also help your profits, so why not get in touch and get listed on our independent funeral directors directory.

The independent funeral directors directory is a direct link from our much visited pages on how and where to register a death: exactly where people will be looking immediately before and after a family member dies.   We also have many tens of thousand of direct and indirect contacts.  Once the Independent Funeral Directors Directory reaches critical mass, we’ll be looking to mobilise them to support you too.

So what do we want from Independent Funeral Directors?

We just want you to be aware that we offer economical and efficient probate services throughout England and Wales.  Should you chose to support us, you’ll receive greater prominence on the site, a direct link to your website and a modest boost to your profits.

If you just want to be listed on the directory, email us confirmation that you are independent (and ideally a Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors member) and a very brief description of the area you cover (key towns/ villages) and of course your address and phone number.   We’ll still support you even if you don’t choose to get further involved.   Like you, we’re independent and proud of it.

Like all independent businesses, independent funeral directors need all the help they can get, and we hope we will be of some help to you.

Please contact Stephen Pett to join our Independent Funeral Directors Directory.