How to Sell Probate Property Fast

Sell a probate property: it should be simple and seamless – but it generally takes 6 to 9 months.

How would it be if that could have the cash in as little as 7 days after you get the grant of probate? Probate itself has taken ages, and the beneficiaries are clamouring for their cash! There is a way to sell probate property fast, so read on…..

how to sell probate property quicklyWe thought that sounded interesting, and when we heard that it would be at 90% of the Open Market value (OK, a bit less than the estate agents value on which you would have to accept offers) we thought that sounded interesting.   By the time you have knocked off the savings in estate agents and legal fees, it could be a real boon. There is very often considerable pressure on executors sell probate property quickly and to pay out fast, so this could solve the problem for some – and even if it doesn’t, you have a free market valuation.


Property on 8-17 weeks VIEWINGS


19-31 weeks FINAL CONVEYANCING to COMPLETION 4 weeks later (or buyer pulls out and start again…)


Or get an offer, typically within 3 hours.  If you accept it they agree on a potential completion date and instruct an RICS surveyor to check the property for unexpected problems (you get a free copy of the report, so they are not hiding anything).   Then their supercharged legal folk sort things out by your preferred date.  Simple, and it doesn’t half make the executor’s life easier being able to pay bills and beneficiaries really quickly after probate rather than waiting months.

We’ll tell you a bit more about how to sell probate property fast after the form below for NO OBLIGATION enquiries and a FREE VALUATION (if you are a professional looking to help their clients, just say so):

Save money and aggravation with a fast probate property sale:


True market value:                           £235,000                         £235,000

“Marketing” Price:                            £235,000                         £251,215

Agreed sale price:                            £211,500                         £235,000

Agents fees:                                     £0                                       £5,640

Extra costs during sale period         £0                                        £6,479

Delay in getting cash                       As little as 7 days            6-9 months

Cash paid out:                                 £211,500                         £222,881

Percentage received:                       90%                                 95% (much later!)

Some questions:

The estate I am dealing with has a mix of domestic, commercial, and buy to let properties to sell.  Can you still help? Answer:  Yes!

As executor, I have had several people offering me 70% of market value: why are you different?  Answer: we simply have a sound business plan which enables both sides to benefit from the transaction, this keeping your beneficiaries happy and making your life easier.

I have a house to sell as executor: what are the catches in this process? Answer: as far as we can see, you get a valuation and an offer subject to survey, and once you get the formal offer, it is entirely the executor’s decision.  Great if you have beneficiaries hard-pressed and chasing you!

Is it correct that I can’t sell the house until probate has been granted?  Answer: yes indeed – but completion could be very soon after the grant is issued.

What about property insurance? Answer: the executors are responsible for ensuring valid insurance is in place up until completion, so you could save a good amount on extra insurance with a speedy executors sale.

For more information, use the enquiry form above.

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