Tell Us Once Service to Reduce Paperwork After a Death

tell us once service

The Tell Us Once Service is really useful, but be sure you are aware of the problem relating to Road Fund Tax which we go into below. But don’t let that discourage you from using this real time saver. the same problem applies whether you use it or not, so it is much better safe than sorry.

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The Service and how does it help?

This new service means that you can “Tell Us Once” when registering a death, and then the Tell Us Once Services will tell a number of central and local government departments for you, saving you both time and dealing with uncomfortable matters.

WARNING – Road Fund Tax Problem

They will AUTOMATICALLY cancel any vehicle Road Fund Tax in the deceased’s name as it is NOT transferable. Any new (or continuing) user will need to start new Road Fund Tax immediately or risk a fine. we suspect few people are aware of this, and it is a very easy point to miss at a difficult time.

Tell Us Once is a free, optional service which will be offered to you at the end of the death registration appointment by the registrar.  If you use the service, it usually takes 10 minutes to complete.  If you are not the next of kin, you must have their permission.

How to use the Tell Us Once Service.

Once you have registered the death, the registrar will tell you about your options for using the service. These are:

  • in person, by making an appointment with your local authority bereavement adviser.
  • By phone – the registrar will give you the phone number.
  • online: to use the service online, your registrar will give you a unique Tell Us Once reference number, which you will need to log in.

To make sure the right information is given to the people the Tell Us Once Service contacts for you, please try to bring the following information about the person who has died:

  • Their national insurance number.
  • Their driving licence, if they had one.
  • Their passport, if they had one.
  • Their blue badge, if they had one.

If you don’t use them while you are with the registrar you can take up the service within four weeks of your appointment by ringing the Department for Work and Pensions on 0800 085 7308.

The Registrar can also give you a Tell Us Once reference number which will enable you to use Tell Us Once online.

If you decide to use the service they will be able to tell the following organisations:

Department for Work and Pensions
 Pension, Disability and Carers Service.
 Jobcentre Plus
 Overseas Health Team.

Ministry of Defence,  Service Personnel and Veterans Agency.

 War Pensions Scheme

HM Revenue & Customs
 Child Benefit
 Child Tax Credit & Working Tax Credit.
 Personal Taxation

Identity and Passport Service.

Local Councils
 Housing Benefit Office
 Council Tax Benefit Office

 Council Housing

 Council Tax
 Libraries
 Blue Badges
 Adult Services
 Children’s Services
 Collection of payment for council services
 Electoral services
 Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Tell Us Once Service.

Here’s a brief introduction from Cambridgeshire Council.

Most but not all registrars of births deaths and marriages have access to the service, and they won’t always have time to deal with it if you didn’t book in extra time to allow for it when you made the appointment, so it is important to mention that you wish to use it when making the appointment.

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