Register a Death West Sussex

Register a death West Sussex.

It is necessary to register a death in West Sussex within five days.  But before you go any further, please what to do when someone dies which will save you time and money.  But before you do that, why not watch the helpful video on how to register a death  and related matters.  If you are in need of a good family undertaker, go here.

The doctor attending the deceased will issue a medical cause of death certificate. This certificate will normally be given to the relatives for them to take to the registrar. You can book an appointment to register a death in West Sussex using the West Sussex Registrars online booking system, or you can call them 01243 642122.

Should the death be referred to the Coroner (which is not unusual) this could mean a post-mortem taking place and perhaps an inquest. In this circumstance the coroner will send the medical paperwork direct to the West Sussex registrar. The coroner’s officer will usually let you know when the paperwork has been sorted. You can then make your appointment with the registrar to register the death.

If you cannot register a death in West Sussex at the nearest register office to where the death took place, you can register the death by declaration at a register office anywhere in England or Wales. The information would then be sent to the correct district Registrar (that is, where the death occurred.) When they have recorded the death in their register, they will send the certificates and forms you request. This is likely take up to a week.

Who can register a death in West Sussex.

A ‘qualified’ person must register a death in West Sussex. Usually this is a relative, but if there are no relatives, then others may register such as:

  • Someone who was present at the death.
  • The owner or manager or matron of  the care home or the hospital administrator (of the place where death occurred).
  • The person organising the funeral.

The West Sussex Registrar will ask for the following concerning the deceased:

  • Place of death.
  • Date of death
  • Full name of the deceased, including maiden name where relevant.
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth.
  • Occupation.
  • Name and occupation of spouse, if they were married or widowed.
  • Name and occupation of their civil partner, if in a civil partnership or a surviving civil partner.
  • Normal address.
  • If married or a civil partner,  date of birth of  surviving spouse / civil partner.
  • Details of any State pensions or allowances.
  • NHS medical card (if available).

When the death has been written into the register by the registrar, they will be issue the following at no cost:

  • A green certificate for burial or cremation – for urgent delivery to the funeral director to allow the funeral to go ahead. Sometimes this form will have been issued by the coroner. The registrar will tell you if this is so.
  • Form BD8 for cancellation of state pension/benefits – this is for the Benefits Agency. You’ll need to complete and send it to your local BA office.

You will need certified copies of the death certificate (cheaper at the time of registration) for insurance or probate purposes.

West Sussex Registrar covers the towns of:


Register a death West Sussex.