Register a death in Lincolnshire

Register a death in Lincolnshire – How & Where.

You must register a death in Lincolnshire within 5 days as must any death in England or Wales. It must also be registered in the district in which the death takes place.

You might find the video about registering a death in Lincolnshire on the home page useful first and why not what to do when someone dies.

The person registering the death must provide the information mentioned in “What the Registrar Needs to Know” (to the right)  and give the Registration Officer the medical certificate of cause of death – without which the Registrar can do nothing.  The medical certificate normally comes from the GP.  However, if the death was sudden or the doctor treating the deceased is unavailable it may not be possible for a medical certificate of cause of death to be issued and the coroner will become involved before you can register a death in Lincolnshire, which may lead to a delay in registering the death.

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We would also recommend you ask to use the “Tell Us Once Service” which takes a little longer but saves a great deal of time later.

Register a death in Lincolnshire.

You can make an appointment to register a death in Lincolnshire over the phone; 01522 782244, or alternatively you can make the appointment via the online Booking system – click the link above.

Register a death in Lincolnshire: giving details by “declaration.”

at a Registration Office in another district from that in which the death occurred.

You can register a death in Lincolnshire at any Registry Office in England or Wales, but the death will not actually be registered there. The details will be sent to the registrar in the area where the death occurred. This will delay issuing the “green form” allowing the funeral to go ahead, so do register the death at the correct Registry Office if you can.

Register a death in Lincolnshire if English is not your  first language.

It’s helpful for someone to accompany the person to the Registration Officer’s office to act as interpreter. However, the person must register the death personally. The helper/interpreter cannot register the death.

When a body is to be taken out of England and Wales.

The coroner of the area where the body is located must be given notice of the removal of the body. There is no restriction on the removal of bodies within England and Wales. However, notice is necessary if the removal is to: Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands,

If further abroad then a Form of Notice (Form 104) is available from a Registration Officer or coroner. Any certificate for burial or cremation already issued must be given to the coroner with the notice. The coroner will acknowledge receipt of the notice and say when the removal of the body may take place. This will normally be four clear days after the coroner received the notice. If it’s urgent, it may be possible to allow the removal sooner than the four days. The person giving notice should speak to the coroner personally.

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Register a death in Lincolnshire.