Register Death in Croydon

Register Death in Croydon: How and Where.

To register a death in Croydon: if the death has taken place in Croydon, it should preferably be registered by appointment at the Croydon Register Office.  Should you need a family undertaker, click the link.

Before you go any further you may wish to order our what to do when someone dies to “What to do after a Death”, to ease the issues which will inevitably follow as soon as you have registered the death.  You might find the video about registering a death on the home page useful first.

It is possible to register death at any register office in England or Wales. However, if you register a death in a district other than Croydon, it will delay registration as the office you approach will have to send the papers to us for processing.  For probate help go here.

Deaths must be registered within 5 days unless the coroner is investigating the circumstances of the death. Such investigations are quite usual and you should not be concerned.

Who should register a death in Croydon?

If they person died in a house or hospital:

*          a relative.

*          a person present at the time of death.

*          a person who lived in the house where the death took place.

*          an official from the hospital if the death took place in hospital.

*          the person making the funeral arrangements.

If the death took place elsewhere:

*          a relative.

*          a person present at the death.

*          the person who found the deceased dead.

*          the person taking responsibility for the body

*          the person dealing with the undertakers.

What you need to bring with you to register death in Croydon:

You will need to bring the following to your appointment to register death in Croydon:

*          a doctors certificate showing the cause of death (if the coroner is involved, his staff will advise you.)

*          Details of when and where the death occurred in Croydon.

*          The deceased’s full name of the deceased, including maiden name/s.

*           Deceased’s date of birth and where they were born.

*          The deceased’s occupation and address.

*          Where the deceased was a married woman, the full name and occupation of the deceased husband.

Charges for Registering Death in Croydon.

Registering death in Croydon is free. You will be given a document which allows you to arrange the burial or cremation and a certificate for social security purposes.

You will need copies of the death certificate, for probate or access to bank accounts, an these are charged (July 2012) at £4.00 per copy.  Many people end up needed 8 or 10 death certificates. They are cheaper at the time of registering death in Croydon than they are if ordered later. You can pay Croydon Council by cash or cheque payable to “Croydon Council”. Cheque-guarantee card is required. The council is currently unable to accept payment by debit or credit cards to register death in Croydon

Need urgent assistance to register a death in Croydon?

Out of normal office hours or if the deceased must be buried within 24 hours for religious reasons ring Taberner House. A duty registrar will then be contacted to register death in Croydon and will call you as soon as possible.

Making an appointment to register death in Croydon.

To make an appointment to register a death in Croydon, or for further information concerning registering a death in Croydon, ring or call in at the Register Office.

You can also make an appointment online to register death in Croydon – click the link.

Contact Details to Register Death in Croydon

Croydon Register Office

Telephone            020 8726 6300 Fax      020 8760 5633


Ground Floor Offices Croydon Town Hall Fell Road Croydon CR0 1NX

Open Monday – Friday 9.30 am to 4.00 pm (Closed on the first Thursday of every month for training (mornings only))

Register death in Croydon.