Register a Death in Somerset

Register a Death in Somerset How & Where.

Register a death in Somerset: most deaths are registered by a relative of the deceased. Click the link above for more details if you are not the next of kin.
The Tell Us Once Service will greatly reduce the work involved after you register a death in Somerset.  You might find the video about registering a death on the home page useful first.

If the death occurred in Somerset, you can register at any of the Registrars Offices in Somerset listed below. For details of what the Registrar will need to know when you  register a death in Somerset download our Guide to What the Registrar Needs (to the right). You can’t register a death in Somerset until you have the medical certificate of death, which will usually come from the deceased’s GP, unless the Coroner is involved.

If the death was elsewhere  it needs to be registered at the Register Office where the death occurred. You can register a death ‘by declaration’ at any Register Office in England and Wales. However, the Registrar will send everything correct District for it to be registered. You should only make provisional arrangements for the funeral until the Registrar or Coroner has authorised the funeral. The undertaker cannot proceed without the certificate.

How long does it take to register a death in Somerset?

The registration will take around 30 minutes and is conducted in private. If you use the Tell Us Once Service, allow another 15 minutes.

How much does it cost to register a death in Somerset?

There is no charge.

When the registration is complete, you will receive a green form authorising the burial or cremation (unless this has already been issued by the coroner). You will also receive a form to notify the Department of Work and Pensions if you haven’t used the Tell Us Once Service.

You can buy as many copies of the Death Certificate as you need at £4 each. Afterwards they cost more. Buy plenty as Banks, building societies, pension and life insurance companies will all usually require a copy.

Register a Death in Somerset:  Somerset Register Office (Taunton)

The Old Municipal Buildings Corporation Street Taunton Somerset TA1 4AQ
Email Contact no 01823 282251
Fax 01823 351173

Register a Death in Somerset:  Bridgwater Registration Office

Morgan House Mount Street Bridgwater Somerset TA6 3ER
Email  Contact no 01278 422527
Fax 01278 452670

Register a Death in Somerset: Burnham-on-Sea Registration Office

The Old Court House Jaycroft Road Burnham-on-Sea Somerset TA8 1LE
Email  Contact no 01278 793990 or 01278 422527

Register a Death in Somerset: Chard Registration Office.

Holyrood Lace Mill, Holyrood Street, Chard, Somerset, TA20 2YA
Email  Contact no 01460 260472
Opening Hours Tuesday: 9:30am to 12:30pm and 1pm to 4pm, Thursday: 9:30am to 12:30pm, Friday: 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Register a Death in Somerset: Frome Registration Office.

5 King Street Frome Somerset BA11 1BH
Email  Contact no 01373 462887
Fax 01373 464588.

Register a Death in Somerset: Minehead Registration Office

1 Parkhouse Road Minehead Somerset TA24 8AA Email  Contact no 01643 703299 or 01984 633578.

Register a Death in Somerset at Shepton Mallet Registration Office.

19b Commercial Road Shepton Mallet Somerset BA4 5BU
Contact no 01749 343928  Fax 01749 342324

Register a Death in Somerset at Wellington Registration Office.

Somerset Skills and Learning Corams Lane Wellington TA21 8LL
Contact no 01823 663605 or 01823 282251.

Register a Death in Somerset at Wells Registration Office.

Town Hall Market Place Wells Somerset BA5 2RB
Contact no 01749 675355 Fax 01749 675355.

Register a Death in Somerset at Williton Registration Office.

Becket House  Street Williton TA4 4NR
Contact no 01984 633578 Fax 01984 631884.

Register a Death in Somerset at Wincanton Registration Office.

The Community Office Churchfields Wincanton Somerset BA9 9AG
Contact no 01963 435008.

Register a Death in Somerset at Yeovil Registration Office.

Maltravers House Petters Way Yeovil Somerset BA20 1SP
Contact no 01935 411230.

Register a Death in Somerset.