Register a death in Redcar & Cleveland

Register a death in Redcar & Cleveland – How and Where.

If you need to register a death Redcar & Cleveland please contact the registrar below – an appointment is required. Download our guide as to what the Redcar & Cleveland registrar will need from you and find out the information before your appointment.

You might find the video about registering a death on the home page useful first.

Please bear in mind that a death must be registered within 5 working days unless the coroner or the registrar has given prior permission for a delay.

The Superintendent Registrar
The Register Office 88 Westgate Guisborough TS14 6AP
Tel: (01287) 632564 Fax: (01287) 630768

The Redcar & Cleveland Registrar of deaths covers registration of death in these main areas: Boosbeck, Brotton, Eston, Guisborough, Loftus, Redcar, Saltburn and Skelton

Redcar & Cleveland Bereavement Services Manager
The Bereavement Services Manager is now at the same address as above but with separate phone numbers: Tel : (01287) 635426 Fax : (01287) 630183

Cruse Bereavement Care also offer a free confidential service to bereaved people to understand their grief and cope with their loss before or after registering a death in Redcar & Cleveland.

For all enquiries please contact Cruse at Sunnyfield House on (01287) 610734 or email us at

Register a death in Redcar & Cleveland.