Register a death In Nottingham

Register a death In Nottingham: Where, Who, What You Need.

Register a death in Nottingham at the Nottingham Register Office. You will need to make an appointment either online or by phone but before you go on you might find the video about registering a death on the home page useful first.

Tell Us Once
When you register a death in Nottingham you can also use the Tell Us Once service. This notifies various government departments about the change in circumstances.

Book an appointment to register a death in Nottingham by clicking here to visit the Death Registration Appointments online service or by phone on 0115 841 5554.

Where to register a death which occurred within the City of Nottingham.

Every death must be registered in the Register Office for the District in which it occurred. See below.

When to register a death in Nottingham.

A death normally needs to be registered within five days, unless the Coroner is investigating the circumstances relating to the death (an Inquest). The five day period may be extended in certain circumstances.

Who is qualified to register a death in Nottingham?

If you are not the next of kin, please check this list of people appropriate to register a death in Nottingham.

What information do you need to register a death in Nottingham?

A medical certificate of cause of death will be normally be issued by the doctor who was treating the person who has died. This will normally be handed to you in a sealed brown envelope addressed to the Registrar at the relevant Register Office. You must take this to the Registrar.

In some instances, for example when the death is unexpected and/or the doctor cannot be sure of the cause of death, the Coroner may decide to hold a post mortem to determine the cause of death. You will be informed of this, and the Coroner’s Office (rather than the doctor) will issue a certificate and tell you when you will be able to register the death.

The other information required is detailed in the download to the right: “What the Registrar Needs to Know.”

The Registrar will take down all the information and will ask you to check that it has been recorded correctly. The non-statistical information will then be copied into the Register book, which you will be asked to check through carefully and sign.
On completion of the registration, you will be issued with:

• The ‘Green Form’ which enables you to arrange the funeral (If the Coroner is involved different procedures may apply). This is free.

• A form for Social Security purposes. This is also free.

• Certified copies of the entry (“death certificates”) may also be purchased at the time of registration at a reduced cost. Order plenty as banks, building societies, insurance companies, investments, Land Registry and many others will require copies.

• A card for you to complete if you wish the deceased’s details to be removed from mailing lists

Giving details by “declaration” when the death did not happen in Nottigham.

It is possible to make a declaration of the required particulars before any Registrar in England and Wales if (i) you live in e.g. Nottingham and the death you are required to register occurred elsewhere, or (ii) you live elsewhere and the death needs to be registered in e.g. Nottingham.

You answer exactly the same questions but the details will go on to a ‘Declaration’ which you will be asked to check and to sign. The Declaration is then posted to the Register Office in the area where the death took place. That Register Office will then post the documents you need. Clearly this will take longer and you should bear in mind that the funeral cannot go ahead until you are able to give the “green form” to the undertaker.

Questions regarding registering a death in Nottingham?

Contact Nottingham Register Office on 0115 841 5554. There is an EMERGENCY Registrar on call every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday between 10-12 who can be contacted by telephoning 0789 906 0396.

Where to register a death in Nottingham.

The City of Nottingham Register Office The Council House Old Market Square Nottingham NG1 2DT 0115 841 5554

Register a death In Nottingham.