Where to Register a Death in Middlesex

Register a Death in Middlesex: Where.

When registering a death in Middlesex, please confirm that you are visiting the correct Middlesex Registrar of Deaths as there is some overlap between areas.  Going to the wrong Registrar of Deaths can cause significant delays, so do ring first.  It does seem rather complicated, so make sure you phone them (not us) and check:

  • You have the right office.
  • You are a person entitled to register the death.
  • That you already have the necessary information to hand.
  • Make an appointment once everything else is sorted (but you normally only have 5 days so speak to the Registrar if in doubt.)

You may find the video HERE helpful.

Should you need a family undertaker, click this link.   For probate advice:

Where to register a death in Middlesex:

Register a Death in Middlesex.