Register a death in Hertfordshire

Register a death in Hertfordshire – how and where

An appointment is required at all Hertfordshire registration offices.    Ring 0300 123 4045 or book online (link below) to arrange an appointment once you have the medical certificate of death and the information the Hertfordshire Registrar will require – see the download to the right. You might find the video about registering a death on the home page useful first.

In some circumstances the Hertfordshire Registrar may have to refer the death to the Coroner. Therefore only provisional funeral arrangements should be made until the death has been registered and then confirmed when the authority for the funeral has been issued.

Where can I register a death in Hertfordshire?

To book an appointment online to register a death in Hertfordshire click the link, ring or email the relevant Hertfordshire Registration Office.

  • Hertfordshire Register Office – Hatfield                                                                               19b St Albans Road East Hatfield Hertfordshire AL10 0NG Tel: 0300 123 4045 Fax: 01707 283924 Email:
  • Bishops Stortford Registration Office 
    Riverside House 2 Hockerill Street Bishops Stortford                  Hertfordshire CM23 2DL
    Tel: 0300 123 4045 Fax:  01279 461492 Email:
  • Broxbourne Registration Office                                                                                                   Bishops College Churchgate Cheshunt  Hertfordshire EN8 9XH
    Tel: 0300 123 4045 Fax: 01992 627605 Email:
  • Dacorum Registration Office
    The Bury Queensway Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire HP1 1HR
    Tel: 0300 123 4045 Fax: 01442 426741                                                       Email:
  • Hertford Registration Office                                                                         County Hall Pegs Lane Hertford Hertfordshire SG13 8DE
    Tel: 0300 123 4045 Fax: 01992 555493
  • St Albans Registration Office                                                                             The Gatehouse 1 Victoria Square Victoria Street St Albans
    Hertfordshire AL1 3TF  Tel: 0300 123 4045
    Fax: 01727 774032 Email:
  • Stevenage Registration Office
    Danesgate Stevenage Hertfordshire SG1 1WW
    Tel: 0300 123 4045  Fax: 01438 357197
  • Watford Registration Office                                                                                  31 Hempstead Road Watford Hertfordshire WD17 3EY
    Tel: 0300 123 4045  Email:

Is there a time limit to register a death?

Where the coroner is not involved you must notify the Registrar within five working days.

What documentation is required to register a Death?

Please download our Guide to the right.

Where can I register the death?

The death is ultimately registered at a Registration Office in the district where the person died. If that was Hertfordshire, the death can be registered at any of the Registration Offices above.

If  you cannot get to any of the offices in Hertfordshire, you can make a Declaration at any Register Office in England or Wales. The Declaration will still have to be sent to the Registrar in the district where the person died before the death certificates etc can be posted to you.  This is clearly slower and may delay the funeral.

How long does the appointment to register a death in Hertfordshire?

30 minutes if you take in the necessary information.

Can I register a death in Hertfordshire?

Most deaths occur in a house, a hospital or an elderly persons home and may be registered by (in this order of preference):

  • A relative of the deceased.
  • A person present at the death.
  • The occupier of the house or institution where the death took place, if there is no known relative who is able to register.
  • The person who is arranging the funeral, that is the person instructing the Funeral Director.

What if the Coroner has been involved?

If so, click the link and either the Coroners Officer or the Registrar will be able to keep you up to speed.

What information will the Registrar require?

Click the link to the right and print off the form so you can get all the relevant information together in good time.

What documents will the Hertfordshire Registrar give you?

  • a form to take to the Funeral Director which gives authority for the burial or cremation (often known as the Green Form). If the Coroner is involved, he or she may issue this document.
  • Plus a form BD8, to be given to the Department of Work and Pensions.

Death certificates

You can buy death certificates which are copies of the entry in the register. You will need for many reasons e.g. administering the will,  claiming on life insurance, a pension or retrieving  savings from the deceased’s accounts.

The number of death certificates you need will vary according to how complicated the deceased persons finances were. It’s best to buy extra ones as they are significantly more expensive afterwards.

Register a death in Hertfordshire.