Register a death in Herefordshire

Register a death in Herefordshire

To register a death in Herefordshire you must first have a medical certificate of cause of death from the doctor.  As soon as you have that, contact the Herefordshire registration service to make an appointment on 01432 260565.  Please remember that a death in Herefordshire must be registered within 5 days in the registration district in which it occurred (unless this period is extended by the coroner or registrar). Do download our guide to the questions the Registrar will ask – it’s on the right.

You might find the video about registering a death in Herefordshire on the home page useful first.  If you need the help of a family run firm of undertakers, go here.

If you are not the next of kin you should check to ensure that you are an appropriate person to register a death in Herefordshire. Please also look at the information on the Tell us Once Service when you register a death in Herefordhire.

The information for the registration can be given to at any registrars office in England or Wales by a “declaration.” The declaration will be sent to the registrar in the district where the death took place. That registrar will send the certificates to you once the death has been registered. Please be aware that this will delay the authorisation for the funeral to go ahead.

Register a death in Herefordshire Deaths reported to a Coroner.

These are some of the circumstances in which the Herefordshire coroner may become involved: accident or injury, an industrial disease, during an operation or before recovery from the anaesthetic, where the cause of death is not known. Alternatively if death was sudden and unexplained, a sudden infant death (cot death)
If the death has to be reported to the Herefordshire Coroner, it cannot be registered nor the funeral take place, without the Coroner’s Authorisation. The Herefordshire Coroner’s Office will contact the relatives: the Coroner can order a post-mortem examination without relative’s permission. This examination will find out the cause of death. He may also wish to hold an investigation into circumstances leading up to a death.  When an inquest is called, the Coroner’s Office will contact the relatives. This should not cause undue distress as it is a legal formality.

In such cases the Death Certificate will be issued direct to you from the Coroner’s Office and the relatives must then go to the Registrar to register the death. When an inquest is to be held, the death cannot be registered until the conclusion of the inquest, but a certificate will normally be issued at the opening of the inquest to allow the funeral to take place.

For a death in Herefordshire, the Coroner can be contacted on 01432 355301.

When you register a death in Herefordshire you will be given

• A Certificate for Burial or Cremation (known as the Green Form) unless the coroner has issued an Order for Burial or a Certificate for Cremation. It should be taken to the funeral director so that the funeral can be held
• A Certificate of Registration of Death (form BD8). This is for Social Security purposes. You will need to fill in the details where applicable and send this to your local Social Security Office
• If you need Death Certificates these may be purchased from the registrar for a modest fee at the time, but will cost more later.  Buy plenty as banks, insurance companies, solicitors etc will all need copies, many of which will not get returned.  Much delay in dealing with the estate of the deceased can be caused by waiting for certificates to be returned!

Register a death in Herefordshire: office opening times.

To register a death, please telephone Hereford office 01432 260565 to make an appointment or to check the opening times of our other offices. Hereford Registrars office is open:
• Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – 9.00am-4.30pm
• Friday – 9.00am-4.00pm

There are also offices at Leominster, Ledbury and Ross if they are more convenient – but you still need to make the appointment via  01432 260565.

Register a death in Herefordshire at Herefordshire Register Office.
Town Hall St Owen’s Street Hereford HR1 2PJ

Register a death in Herefordshire.