Register a death in Bristol

Register a Death in Bristol.

You must arrange to register a death in Bristol within five days, unless the coroner is involved and delays registration.  You might find the informative video about registering a death on the home page before reading on.   You should also take advantage of the Tell Us Once Service to save lots of time later.

Deaths occurring in the area of Bristol City Council may be registered at either:

1) The Old Council House (Main Office) – Entrance on Broad Street
The Register Office The Old Council  House, Corn Street Bristol BS1 1JG


2) Southmead Hospital (Branch Office) Monks Park Lodge Bristol BS10 5NB

An appointment is required, call 0117 922 2800 for either office.

Any death must be registered in the registration district in which it happened. A death can be registered by “declaration” at any registry office in England or Wales.  However the registrar you visit must then send the paper work to the Registrar in the area the person died in, who will then the necessary certificates to you.  This means delay, which may delay the funeral.

The registrar must see the medical certificate issued by the doctor or by a coroner, if there has been a post mortem before proceeding to register a death in Bristol.

Who may legally register a death in Bristol?

In order of preference these are:

  • A relative who was present at the death.
  • A relative visited the deceased during their last illness.
  • A relative living in the registration district
  • Someone who was present at the death
  • The occupier of the premises, if aware of the death happening – this might be a manager of the care home a person died in.
  • Whoever is arranging the funeral (but not the undertaker)

Others may be qualified to register a death in Bristol. Consult the Bristol Registrar if there is a problem.

Meeting the registrar to register a death in Bristol.

The Bristol Registrar will ask for the information listed on our leaflet “What the Registrar Needs.” You will be seen privately.  The registrar will enter your answers onto a computer.  You will then be asked to check the information on the register page carefully and then to sign to confirm that it is correct.

Documents required to register a death in Bristol.

  • The medical certificate of the cause of death from the doctor and / or notification from the coroner.
  • The deceased’s birth certificate.
  • If possible, information on pensions or allowances received from public funds, their NHS medical card.
  • Disabled person’s parking badge.

Documents given by the Bristol Registrar

  • The registrar will give the “green form”  which allows you to arrange the burial or cremation, and a certificate for social security purposes.  Where the death is involved, alternative procedures may apply.
  • Death Certificates are needed when sorting out the estate of the deceased and copies should be purchased when you are with the Bristol Registrar as they are more expensive later.  Do buy plenty, as instituations are not always quick to return them to you to use again. You could require certified copy death certificates for:
  • Obtaining probate or letters of administration.
  • Bank and building society savings and deposit accounts
  • Life insurance policies.
  • Dealing with stocks and shares owned by the deceased
  • Investment companies.
    • Tax rebates.
    • And more.

Do take advantage of the “Tell Us Once” scheme when you register a death in Bristol: this allows the Bristol Registrar to notify many other Government Departments on your behalf.

Register a death in Bristol.