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Please use the form below to ask for our Free Probate Guide and any information you may require and we will email it to you at the earliest possible moment.  This email address is monitored as far as possible out of office hours too.   Do ring us during office hours.  Please note that we only email documents.

We exist to point people in the right direction and to signpost suitable professional help where it is needed – whilst avoiding the stupidly high fees charged some firms.  Did you know that the Law Society sanctions solicitors to charge whatever hourly rate you accept, PLUS extra charges for every letter (and a simple question can mean at least 6 letters – 1 from you, 1 acknowledging, 1 to ask for an answer from an outside firm, 1 back from them then 1 to you! At maybe £45 each (and you may still get charged the hourly rate) that is  £270 and maybe the same again for time so a simple question could add £540 + VAT to your bill! Nearly forgot – they can then add 1.8% of the value of the estate (including VAT) to the bill as “responsibility allowance” – so for a dead (sorry) easy estate with only a bank account (or a house or whatever) that would be and extra £18 for a £1000 estate, £1800 for £100,000 or a whacking great £9000 on a £500000 estate. PLUS all the hourly fees and third-party costs. – register a death

The people we deal with offer far better value, and it should be said that not all solicitors charge the maximum. And you may be comfortable doing it yourself with our free guides – or just ask us to find you a little background help – the choice is yours.

We may ring to make sure the free probate guide arrived and to see if we can help in any way.  If you have no questions and you don’t need help, that is fine.  As a firm of probate brokers, we’re always happy to give a few minutes of free general guidance, to point you in the right direction to a suitable professional adviser, should you need one.  Please be aware that we cannot ourselves offer specific advice. If you need more than one guide, just add a note. 

Planning ahead guides.

As well as our Free Probate Guide, it is a sensible precaution to plan ahead for the inevitable.   We have a number of planning videos you may find of interest.

It is always easier to get the necessary paperwork organised before someone dies, and our sister companies Peace of Mind Service is one strand in that process. You would be surprised how many people discover that deceased relatives had unknown assets many years later.  Both in the UK and abroad, and sometimes this will require further legal work many years later when all of the information has long since vanished.

So plan ahead, keep all the basic information in a folder, and find someone you trust to look after your passwords.

Free Probate Guide helping you through the paperwork after death. Registering a death.  Deeds of Variation.

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