Register a death in Havering

Register a death in Havering.

Before you register a death in Havering, you might wish to download our helpful guide to what needs to happen from this point onwards as the paper work following  your trip to what to do when someone dies can be quite considerable.  You might find the video about registering a death on the home page useful first.

Should you need a family undertaker in Havering, click this link.

When someone dies in Havering, the doctor who was treating them will normally give a medical certificate of cause of death to the relatives. The person registering a death in Havering must take this certificate to the Havering registrar’s office.

If the death is unexpected or the doctor treating them is not available, it may be necessary for the coroner to be involved. This can lead to delay in registering the death in Havering.

Register a death in Havering.

The Havering Registrar is located Havering Registrar of Deaths, Langtons House, Billet Lane, Hornchurch, RM11 1XJ. No appointment is needed, and the Havering Registrar of Deaths is available Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm, though there can sometimes we a significant wait especially on Fridays.
There is also a death registration service in the Queens Hospital, Romford, but only for people who have died in Queens Hospital. Contact the Bereavement Team on the ground floor on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.
An emergency service to register a death in Havering is provided on Bank Holidays, from 8 to 10 am only. It is only for people whose faith requires them to conduct a funeral within 24 hours. The out-of-hours service can be contacted on 01708 433999.
You can make a declaration with any Registrar in England and Wales, though it is much better to register a death in Havering with the Havering Registrar of Deaths. If the death is registered by declaration, the receiving Registrar takes all the details in the usual way, then sends them to the Register Office for the district where the death happened. This could well result in a delay in the funeral arrangements and in your receiving documents.

When does a Death in Havering need to be Registered?

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, a death should be registered within five days. Registration may be delayed for a further nine days as long as the Registrar has received, in writing, confirmation that a medical certificate as to the cause of death has been signed by the doctor.

Who can Register a Death in Havering?

People with the legal ability to register include:

  • a relative.
  • someone who was present at the death.
  • the person arranging the funeral (but NOT the undertaker).
  • In some cases others, such as the manager of a care home can register a death in Havering, Contact the Havering Register Office if you are uncertain.

What is needed to Register a Death in Havering?

The Registrar will need the following information:

  • date and place of death.
  • full name and surname, and maiden surname if they were a married woman.
  • date and place of birth.
  • occupation and, if they were a married woman or widow the full name and occupation of her husband.
  • usual address.
  • if the person who has died was married, the date of birth of the surviving spouse.
  • Were they receiving a pension from public funds?

You will need to bring:

  • the medical certificate. Without this the Registrar can do nothing. If the death is passed to the Coroner, the Coroner’s Officers will let you know what needs to be done.
  • if possible details of any pension or benefit from public funds, such as Civil Service or Army Pensions.

The Havering Registrar will input all these details and then ask you to check them. The information will then be recorded formally. Any errors found later will be hard to correct.

What Documents Will I Receive after registering a death in Havering?

  • a ‘Green Form’ so you can arrange the funeral. Should the Coroner be involved they will advise you.
  • a form to fill in for Social Security purposes.

These are free.

If you are registering a death elsewhere by Declaration, certificates of the death should be paid for at the time of making the declaration, as well as the document allowing the funeral to proceed.  They will be posted to you by the Registrar for the district where the death took place. It will take longer for the document authorising the funeral to be issued. Discuss this with your undertaker and the Registrar to avoid any unplanned delay for the funeral.

To register a death in Havering:

Ring the Havering Registrar of Deaths on 01708 433481 for further information or advice.

Register a death in Havering