Register a Death in Enfield

Register a death in Enfield: How and Where.

If someone dies in the London Borough of Enfield, their death must be registered within 5 days unless a coroner is involved. You might find the video about registering a death in Enfield on the home page useful first.  For a family undertaker, click the link.

You will need to book an appointment to register a death in Enfield.

Please ring 020 8379 8501 to book an appointment and arrive 5 minutes before your appointment.  You must have the medical certificate of death, and the information asked for in the “What the Registrar Needs to Know” to the right.  If you arrive late, you will have to book another appointment.

Slots to register a death in Enfield are available Monday – Friday afternoons between on and four.

There are only 10 slots available each day.  It takes around three quarters of an hour to register a death. Why not ask the bereavement officer at the hospital to arrange your appointment for you, if the death in Enfield is in a hospital.

For help with Probate in Enfield, click the link.

Register a death in Enfield.