Register a Death in Ealing

When do you register a death in Ealing?

You normally need to register a death in Ealing within 5 days.  You might find the video about registering a death on the home page useful first.  If you need a family undertaker, click the link.

If the coroner gets involved (quite normal) registration can be later. If there’s an inquest there is no need to register a death in Ealing yourself. The coroner may provide an interim certificate of death in the meanwhile. Once the inquest has been held the Coroner will inform the Registrar in Camden who will register a death in Camdenwithout the need for you to get involved.  Once it’s registered, you can order death certificates from the Ealing Registrar – order more than you think you will need.

Before you go any further, watch the video:   registering a death in Ealing (if you haven’t already), and then download the checklist to make sure you have the correct information to give the Ealing Registrar: how to register a death in Ealing.   Our Probate Guide is also free and will save you time and money.

Where to register a death in Ealing

The death should be registered in the borough where the person died. If the person died in the London Borough of Ealing, you should register the death with the Ealing Registrar of deaths.

To register a death you can book an appointment online or contact the Ealing Registrar of deaths for an appointment.

Who can register a death in Ealing?

(This information is repeated in our downloadable checklist).

  • a relative present at the death in Ealing.
  • a relative in attendance during the deceased’s last illness.
  • a relative living in Ealing borough.
  • a person who was with the person when they died
  • an occupant of the house .
  • the person arranging the funeral (but not the funeral director) but only if there are no relatives available .

If English is not your first language and you would like someone to help you with the registration, ask a friend or relative to come with you to the register office – but they cannot actually register the death.

Documents you will need to bring to register a death in Ealing

(This information is also repeated in our downloadable checklist).

You need to bring a medical certificate of death: maybe signed by the family doctor or a doctor at the hospital where the person died.   If the coroner is involved, his officers will tell you when to register the death.

It may be helpful to bring the deceased’s birth certificate or passport if available.

What do you need to tell  the Registrar when you register a death in Ealing? 

  • the date of death.
  • where the person died.
  • their full name.
  • any previous names, including maiden name
  • their date of birth.
  • their place of birth.
  • their occupation
  • the full name and occupation or their husband or wife or civil partner.
  • if they were getting a state pension or other benefit.

 The  Ealing registrar of deaths will give you:

  • a certificate to permit burial or cremation.
  • a form to be given social security, if the person was on a state pension or benefits

If you wish to remove a body from the UK or if the coroner is involved other procedures may apply.  If in doubt, contact the Ealing Registrar at the earliest possible moment.

You can buy death certificates at the time you register a death in Ealing much more cheaply than later on. They cost £4 per copy. You will usually need more than you expect.

Death certificates will be needed for:

  • Probate or letters of administration.
  • Bank and building society accounts.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Stocks, shares and other investments.
  • Property transfers.
  • Pensions
  • Solicitors.

If you need certificates after registration, please contact the register office. It will cost more to buy them at a later date. Sunday on-call service for same day burials only from 9am to  12 noon.

Register a death in Ealing.

Ealing register office, Ealing Town Hall, New Broadway, W5 2BY
Tel: (020) 8825 7272
Office hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm.

Please note: the office closes on the last Wednesday afternoon of each month for staff training at 12pm.

Book an appointment to register a death in Ealing.