Register a death in Camden

Register a death in Camden

You have to register a death in Camden within 5 days of it occurring. Should you need a family undertaker, click the link.

You will need to provide information about the person who died to the registration office for the area in which the person died. The details for the deceased will be recorded in a registration database.

But before you go any further, please watch thevideo which will help register a death in Camden and then download our handy factsheet on how to register a death in Camden.

When you have your appointment with the registrar in Camden, you will be given a certificate for the funeral director so you can organise the funeral.  You’ll also receive a form for Social Security. These are free. Certified copies of the death certificate are available for a a modest fee: buy several as you will need more than you expect, and they are much more expensive later.

Deaths in Camden referred to the Coroner

The 5 day deadline to register a death in Camden doesn’t apply.  Where there is no inquest, the death in Camden should still be registered within a week.  Contact the Coroners Office if there are any problems, or the Registrar if the delay is nothing to do with the Coroner.

If a post-mortem reveals that death was due to natural causes, the coroner will give you a document to enable the Registrar to register the death in Camden Registrars Office: more usually they will fax it direct to the Registrar.  You can’t register a death in Camden until the Registrar has this document.

If there is an inquest, the Coroner will pass the information  direct to the Registrar so you don’t have to visit the Registrar to register the death in Camden, but you’ll have to contact the Registrar for copy death certificates.

Same day burials after a death in Camden

You must register the death first to get the green certificate to carry out the funeral. During the week the Camden Registrar of deaths make an urgent appointment. At  weekends or on public holiday and you intend to bury them on the same day then you must call the Camden Register Offices out of hours service for urgent advice.

Camden Register Office – where to register a death in Camden (CamdenCouncil) 

Camden Town Hall, Judd Street London WC1H 9JE

To make an appointment to register a death in Camden ring 020 7974 1900 (option 3).

Out of hours 020 7974 4444 (Council switchboard)

Opening hours for appointments to register a death in Camden:

Monday to Friday 9am-4.30pm (except 1st Thursday of each month 9am-1pm)

Saturday 9am-12.30pm.

Register a death in Camden.