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Hampstead and Highgate Probate and Wills in NW3 NW6 NW11 can be pretty expensive.   You don’t have to pay the overheads of Hampstead and Highgate Probate solicitors.  Or the Hampstead and Highgate probate services of banks.   Our probate service gives a package you will find is every bit as good (if not better than Hampstead and Highgate probate solicitors.)

The standard fees per hour probably of the firms we recommend wouldn’t even cover the charge out rate of a temp at a Hampstead and Highgate probate solicitors. Why not ask what they charge each member of staff per hour, and if they charge in 6 minute unit as most do. This means that four twenty second calls asking the probate worker to ring you back can cost you 24 minutes at their normal charge out rates – maybe £25 a call!

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If  Hampstead and Highgate probate proves to be more complicated from either the probate or tax viewpoint, our very experienced contacts Tax & Probate Adviser is an important part of their team.  the charge out rate should equate to that of senior partners at Hampstead and Highgate Probate solicitors.  But it doesn’t – it is far less.

If you intend using a local solicitor (or worse, a bank) why not ask for full details of their charge out rates.  Be certain to discover if they want a “responsibility allowance” which could mean a £1m bank account (which takes the same amount of time to collect in as a £1 bank account), but will give some solicitors an enormous “bonus” of up to £15,000 + VAT if they are one of the firms taking full advantage of the so called responsibility allowance. You’ll still pay for the extra time and expertise needed to deal with the Inheritance Tax.   Some Hampstead and Highgate solicitors no doubt just charge for the time taken and don’t take advantage of this “bunce” payment.

How can we offer such low cost high quality Hampstead and Highgate probate services?

  • Our contacts don’t have expensive Hampstead and Highgate offices.
  • A big cut in overheads is that their offices are not in London (nor do you have to travel to them.)  We have colleagues in London to collect paperwork etc if you prefer not to use a courier, or if property needs to be secured, locks changed etc.

Why not call us on 03 300 102 300.

We offer Hampstead and Highgate probate in  Belsize Park, Chalk Farm, Childs Hill, Frognal, Finchley and Golders Green.  Probate cases from Highgate, Primrose Hill, Regent’s Park, South Hampstead as well as St John’s Wood, Swiss Cottage, Gospel Oak,West Hampstead and Hampstead and Hampstead Heath are most welcome.  In fact we operate throughout England and Wales.

Hampstead and Highgate  Probate and Wills.